Sunday, 18 January 2009

a very minor disaster

i've had an accident, actually two. i was trying to grow basil plants from seed on my bench. they weren't doing very well probably due to lack of light. so, i put them on the narrow window sill. i put up the blind to water them and the pot dropped onto the bench. dirt everywhere. never mind, i can cope with that. then, i went to pick up the handwash to move it and whoops the lid came off and i've got an almost new bottle of handwash on top of the dirt on my bench. i suppose that instead of blogging about this fascinating event in my otherwise uneventful day i should go and clean it up. i've just returned from shopping and it's hot outside. 37 here tomorrow. i'm sipping on some icy cold bitters, lime and lemon cordial with soda water whilst watching the doors on abc2. i am also seriously contemplating a nana nap. yes, sounds good to me. but first, i should clean up the bench.

and then: i cleaned the bench and started to make meat balls. reached into the fridge to get an egg and two yoghurt pots were in the way making it difficult (should have moved them). i stuck my finger through the egg breaking it in the carton. tried to get the egg out of the carton but it just kept breaking into smaller pieces. had to remove the unbroken eggs and finally was able to get the broken one out before recycling the carton. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. the butter chicken is simmering away but not before i nearly wore some of it. it splashed and i was only wearing a bra and knickers (sorry, way tmi). it went all over the stove and missed me. phewwwwwww. the meat balls are in the fridge almost ready to go. hope nothing else goes wrong. it's been a bit messy in my kitchen today. :(


  1. lol....You`ve had a bad day....
    You are one brave soul cooking only in your bra and knickers...I`m always telling the boys to put a top on because if they get burnt it`s going to hurt....
    Joshua didn`t listen and last night the enevitable happened....i just said "told you so"

    Warm today alright...Had to go out and pay bills and boy it`s hot...Thank goodness for a/c on the car....

    Keep cool and lets hope that`s the last of the mishaps...

  2. One of those days...we all have them. maybe it should have been called "Butter Fingers"

  3. Fran, high time to put some vodka in that lemon lime bitters!

    Hope your accidental streak is well and truly over by now!

  4. vodka sounds great. i have some in the cupboard somewhere. :) Diane, that is the best title, you are so witty lately, i've been reading your comments on other blogs, i'm dissappointed i didn't think of that myself. ;)


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