Thursday, 1 January 2009

my new year's eve

happy new year. Liyana came over for nasi goreng last night and brought strawberry champagne. yum, it was very nice and we watched (and sang along and danced with) the abba special on the teev while surfing the net and generally having a loud and raucous evening. she went home at 2.30 am and i was asleep from about 3.00 am until, wait for it, 9.00am. unheard of for me to sleep that long. they had local fireworks that we watched from my veranda in the cold. it was freezing last night and i'm sitting here now in trackie daks with a long sleeve tshirt on and my feet are cold so am going to put socks on in a minute. my daughter is moving house so i'll go up there later and i'm just enjoying my first coffee of the day then going upstairs to clean out the bathroom drawers and shelves. phew. i'm tired just thinking about all that. i'm also thinking of firing up the bbq later as i have some english beef sausages, that should be interesting. enjoy your day whatever you get up to


  1. Afternoon Yevisha

    Love your Profile Pic!

    Sounds like the signs of a good New Year are all there for you.

    Happy New Year...

  2. I had a quiet night at home nothing much to drink as had to go out and pick up kids at 2am. I had a good news years day spent at my parents place alone.

    Strawberry champagne sounds great.

  3. I haven`t tried strawberry champagne before..Is it sweet like the name sounds...
    I had a quiet one in front of the computer New years eve and drank by
    Actually I woke up feeling ok, surprise surprise....
    Here`s to a great new year...


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