Tuesday, 6 January 2009

it's finally happened

congratulate me, i have a tomato on one of my plants. finally. only one though. i have more flowers and the tomato is about as big as my thumb nail. it's growing in a pot. the chili plant is doing nothing at all. the cucumbers are not doing much either. the lemongrass is growing beautifully. the thyme ditto. i have a small japanese bamboo, at least that's what i call it. it's looking very sick atm. i've killed two trees, one of which, i think, was a jacaranda, the other, i've no idea what it was but if pressed i'd say some kind of native. i just planted some blue irises and something that may be agapanthus but we'll have to wait and see. speaking of agapanthus, i don't have one flower. not one. the neighbourhood is all abloom with them but out of my three, small pathetic looking plants i don't have one. remember last year when i got a flower. happy days. i've decided to buy some more because this lot are obviously duds.


  1. I'm not having much success with our vegie patch. It eeither rains too hard or the sun is too hot. Mandy seems to have the nack. Do you feed them with fertiliser, that might help.

  2. Mum dad's garden is going great although Dawson picked a heap of stuff that wasn't ready to be picked. I didn't know that he was going it or I would have told him not to.

  3. i agree Mandy does have the knack and g/kids are notorious for 'helping' in the garden and pulling up the wrong stuff. Fran

  4. Apart from Asian greens I haven't had much success with vegies in our tropical climate. Can't get anything much growing in the Wet and in the Dry my biggest successes were grown in huge tubs.

    Funnily enough my best tomato plants were a couple of stragglers that grew up from compost. I thought they'd be non-fruiting hybrids seeing as they'd come from supermarket toms. But the few plants had quite a good crop of funny-shaped tomatoes, sort of a cross between a roma and a normal tom.

    I fertilised regularly and used compost to top up the soil quite a bit. My okra also did really well in pots.

  5. Come to the Tropics Fran - stick a broomstick in the ground and it will sprout!

    However, it's all gloopy clay where I am, so pots are the way to go. Just this week I've done up a hole herb garden, Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, Lime Basil, Thyme, Vietnamese Mint and Spearmint (great for muddling in cocktails).

    Perservere - you'll have buckets of backyard bounty soon!

  6. Congrats....lol....
    Afraid my one`s in pots didn`t do too well but the garden omg so many...Especially the cherry tomatoes....I have to pick some more today...Maybe they are just late bloomers...Time will tell....

    As for the agapanthus mine has only start started flowering....The trick with them is not too much water...The drier the better....


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