Friday, 23 January 2009


my order of perfume arrived from the us. was supposed to be 4 bottles of zinzibar but only got two and two bottles of rougeberry. never heard of it and i don't like the smell. i've emailed them and will wait to see what they intend to do to rectify this horrible mistake. i jest of course. two out of four ain't bad i suppose but still ... on a more positive note it looks and smells genuine. :)


  1. Yevisha, it will be interesting to see what the outcome is. This is one of the frustrations of online shopping. Isn't it?

    Good luck...hope you have success with returning them although it is inconvenient.

  2. Firstly i`m glad to hear that it smells like the real thing.....
    But how frustrating getting something you didn`t want, especially as you don`t like the smell .....I do hope that they will replace it for you.....

  3. What a pain in the b*tt for you! Oh well, at least you can be smelling gorgeous for 2 bottles worth.

    Maybe the others can be used as presents if you get no joy from the ebay person?

    Wish your blog had smell-o-vision.

  4. Yep that is a risk you take when buying on line at least you did get 2 bottles and hopefully you will be able to sort out something about the other 2.

    As a last resort I would give them away as presents to people who either like the smell or those you don't like

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