Wednesday, 27 April 2011

i'm off in a day or two

i'm having a bit of trouble concentrating on packing.  it's taking forever.  i'm clearly not organised enough.  my sister is coming down tomorrow arvo.  she's put me right i'm sure.  i'm back at work tomorrow and that's awful. i've enjoyed these seven days off.  who knew my crazy roster would work to my advantage over easter.  day off before and day off afterwards.  all good. will be hard to concentrate tomorrow, at least it's a short day for me.  i'm quite tired and have almost gotten used to sleeping in.  8.30 am is a sleep in for me.  nearly 9 this morning.  i suppose the packing will eventually happen.  i did get around to ironing everything the other day so it will pack neatly.  i'm always worried i'll forget something important.  my friend who was going with us may have to delay his trip.  his mum has had a pacemaker put in and had complications and now he's had a skin cancer removed today with heaps of stitches.  he won't get the results back for nearly a week.  his mum is on the mend thank goodness.  on another note entirely, i think i've sorted my computer problem out.  i've installed google chrome and it's working beautifully.  everything is working as it should.  with lots of new features, i'm liking it.  oh well, i best clear off my bed and get in it.  gotta get my beauty sleep ready for work tomorrow.  ahaaa

Monday, 25 April 2011

it's internet explorer 9

it seems that ie9 is causing problems with content on a web page.  or more than likely it's javascript or something similar.  i'm investigating.  stay tuned.  :)  pic is a close up of my grand daughter.  she took it herself.  :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

it's that time

i've been sitting on the couch surfing the net as you do and procrastinating. i'm so good at that. it's time to bite the bullet and go upstairs unpack my suitcase. iron everything in it and pack neatly. i really don't want to. i hate ironing. i've got a silk caftan to iron. it's indian and had a funny smell so i washed it, now it needs ironing. oh well. i'm slowing getting my blog back to how it was. it's a slow process. i don't know why but it's all gone pear shaped. i can't edit my posts and i'm not shown as logged in when i am. bloody blogger. :(

Saturday, 23 April 2011

what's going on?

i've lost my favourite blog list and i am not logged on when i view my blog.  i don't understand it.  maybe it's because i've been playing around with the background design lately.  oopps.  it wasn't broken and i tried to fix it.  is anyone else having problems?  if i had your blog as one of my faves please let me know.  i'm trying to add them one by one but it's taking forever.

Friday, 22 April 2011

two very specky teapots.  the first is rather exy and is french in origin.  quite old.  the second is just plain cute.  my neice by marriage collects teapots and has a really nice collection

Thursday, 21 April 2011

good news

i went to the dentist again and instead of three more visits he finished it all today.  wowsers.  i'm impressed.  it's still a bit numb and aches a bit but it's all ok.  he took ages.  oh well, it's over now.  he wasn't even concerned that a big bit broke off.  said it was not an issue.  i have to go back and get it polished but i'll wait until i get back from holidays.  big relief for me, i was a bit worried about the broken bit, thought he'd have to take it out.  i'm having the kids tonight and tomorrow night.  i'm looking forward to the break.  enjoy yours.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

out and about

cup of tea anyone?  lol

dinner at pub two nights in a row.  bit much?  maybe.  i also won five dollars on the pokies.  :)  i sometimes have a play on the pokies.  five dollars is my limit.  i got that back tonight. all good. well i am off work until the thursday after easter.  that's really good.  i'm looking forward to that very much.  might have the g/kids for a day or two.  only downer is that i have to go back to the dentist tomorrow arvo.  yuk. i hope he can actually do something this time.  let's hope so.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

get lost?

not any more.  my son just gave me his old navman.  how cool is that?  i've wanted one for ages but really couldn't spend that much money on something i probably won't use all that often.  actually, i could have used it last night as i went to the paradise hotel for dinner with some friends and had no idea where it was.  it's quite a nice pub and meal was nice.  had the g/kids last night and they were good.  cookie woke up far too early and wiggled in the bed and talked to herself for ages.  nana, can i go d/stairs and get my knitting?  grunt said i.  i should have let her get it last night.  i taught her to knit a while ago but she left it here and hasn't picked it up for months.  she found it last night and started again.  a few lessons and she was doing quite well.  of course, there were lost stitches and she managed to add some too.  what started out with 10 stitches has 22 now.  she's knitting a scarf for her teddy.  awwww  she just needs some practice.  my dad taught me to knit when i was 6.  yes, really.  i don't know why he knew how to knit, i think it was from being in the army.  or something like that.  maybe his mother taught him as she was into craft and hobbies etc.

 i've half packed for the trip.  my sister has a bit of a problem as the man is coming on monday to start fixing the cracks in her bedroom walls.  they are huge (the cracks that is).  very old house in the country.  turns out they are caused by the veranda posts being set wrong or something.  she hasn't packed for the trip yet and has to pack all her clothes, her son's and her husbands. put them in bags and boxes in the shed.  help take out all the very heavy antique furniture and get the rooms ready.  workman said he'd finish by wednesday after easter, she has to come to adelaide thursday coz we're flying out friday.  also, she has to work monday and go to the doctor tuesday.  she's got a nasty cold and feels crappy. oh dear.  i might have to go up there over easter instead of having the kids and help her.  i hope it turns out ok.  i'll ring her tonight and have a chat.  i have to work tomorrow.  :(   second pic is cookie with etta who was deserted by her elderly mum and my son is hand rearing.  she can use the litter box now and is starting to drink her formula from a saucer.  she's eating 'solid' food too.  my son's hands are covered with tiny scratches.  his other cats are looking after her too.  :) she is approx. 4 weeks old and her sister ella is one of their rescued feral cats.  they have 3 (4 now) and a precious siamese. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

my tooth

i may have told you that i'm in the process of having a root canal.  about two months ago i was at pondok bali enjoying some indonesian food when a bit of the tooth broke.  went back to dentist, all ok.  not to worry.  well! last night i was starving and was snacking on salsa and rice crackers when i bit on something hard.  omg.  the biggest piece of tooth broke off.  now i have a most uncomfortable crater in my mouth which of course feels massive.  i wonder if the dentist will go ahead and work on it or offer to take it out.  last time he gave me no choice and just went ahead and started the root canal which i thought was very rude.  also, i forget when my next appointment is.  on a more positive note, i found two lost library dvds under the couch last night.  :) 

Monday, 11 April 2011

the weirdest thing happened again this morning

i was sound asleep when the tv came on.  that's not the weird bit as it's set to come on each working day. it's my alarm clock.  yes i know.  it's just that alarm clocks annoy me but then so does koshie so maybe i should go back to the alarm clock.  i digress, it's set for 7:30 am.  today it came on at 6:30 am.  i looked at the clock this time before getting up and into the shower.  it did it last week too.  i can't remember exactly but i think it was last monday.  i neglected to look at the clock and got up and showered before coming down for breakfast.  it was only when i turned the laptop on that i saw the time.  6:30 am.  wtf.  anyway, it did it again today.  i checked the settings and it looks fine.  i don't understand.  and .... it came on again at the right time as well.  weird

Sunday, 10 April 2011

garage sales

one of my fave pastimes is to fossick around at a garage sale or three.  i'm trying not to spend much money but it's not really a happening thang.  i found an aquarium for my tetra, dustin nguyen, today.  $2.00.  bargain.  i haven't tested it yet to see if it's leak proof but the lady told me it's fine.  she wouldn't lie to me would she?  no.  i also got a spare bicycle for the grand kids for when they come over.  we can ride down the river and nana can get some exercise.  that's the plan anyhoo.  $5.00.  it needs a bit of work on the brakes.  sil said he'd look at it for me.  i also got a really cute photo frame for $1.00.  i must take a photo coz it's really nice.  ants got a few bargains too.  he's happy, nana's happy.  it's a win/win  hahahaha.  well kids have gone home, i've eaten, had my coffee and my shower. i'm ready to watch a sunday night movie.  let's hope the week ahead is kind to us all.  ps. i love the window sticker in the pic above.  crazy cat lady.  have you seen them around?  they're the latest thing apparently.  family car stickers.  usually mum, dad and two or three kids.  i prefer this one.  :)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

ahhh the weekend .... at last

i had a very trying week work wise at least.  yuk,  i so want to win lotto and retire.  maybe this week. :)  but seriously, i'm just looking forward to seeing the g/kids today and spending some time with them.  my little stress relievers that they are.  fantastic weather during the week has turned a bit pear shaped here so not much sun.  i'm rethinking that load of washing.  it's 9:30 am and it's still dark and although not cold it's not looking too flash.  oh well.  i'm off to prepare lunch.  enjoy your saturday  oh ps. only three weeks to go and i'm on leave and on my way to bali.  ahhhh  bliss.  it's all that keeps me going atm.  :)