Saturday, 23 April 2011

what's going on?

i've lost my favourite blog list and i am not logged on when i view my blog.  i don't understand it.  maybe it's because i've been playing around with the background design lately.  oopps.  it wasn't broken and i tried to fix it.  is anyone else having problems?  if i had your blog as one of my faves please let me know.  i'm trying to add them one by one but it's taking forever.


  1. Well that sucks but I don't think you would forget me as I am so unforgetable........well I can think that can't I. Stop sitting there thinking who the hell is Joanne it isn't funny you know who I am yes you do do not say you don't.........ok maybe you don't

    Well I was in your faves and if I wasn't I should have been because I am awsome, I am trully I am just ask anyone who has just met me and they will agree......well they would if they had a few drinks before you asked them..........if they look at you like you have gone mad then you are asking someone who knows me well ignore them and aske someone else they have no idea what they are talking about.......because I am awsome if I keep saying it you may start to belive it............Jo-Anne is

  2. i can't see your other blogs, will they come back up?


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