Saturday, 9 April 2011

ahhh the weekend .... at last

i had a very trying week work wise at least.  yuk,  i so want to win lotto and retire.  maybe this week. :)  but seriously, i'm just looking forward to seeing the g/kids today and spending some time with them.  my little stress relievers that they are.  fantastic weather during the week has turned a bit pear shaped here so not much sun.  i'm rethinking that load of washing.  it's 9:30 am and it's still dark and although not cold it's not looking too flash.  oh well.  i'm off to prepare lunch.  enjoy your saturday  oh ps. only three weeks to go and i'm on leave and on my way to bali.  ahhhh  bliss.  it's all that keeps me going atm.  :)


  1. Yeah grandkids are a great stess relief I love seeing mine although when I have to watch Little Leo 3 or 4 nights in a row I start to feel like I need a break. The weekend is suppose to be my break but more often then not I do not get much of a break.

  2. Jo-Anne, you do so much for your kids Jo-Anne, i hope they appreciate you. :)


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