Wednesday, 20 April 2011

out and about

cup of tea anyone?  lol

dinner at pub two nights in a row.  bit much?  maybe.  i also won five dollars on the pokies.  :)  i sometimes have a play on the pokies.  five dollars is my limit.  i got that back tonight. all good. well i am off work until the thursday after easter.  that's really good.  i'm looking forward to that very much.  might have the g/kids for a day or two.  only downer is that i have to go back to the dentist tomorrow arvo.  yuk. i hope he can actually do something this time.  let's hope so.


  1. What is that teapot??? It is FANTASTIC!!!

  2. i found it years ago on the net. can't remember where now. it's great isn't it? i think it had other stuff made from cacti. :)


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