Sunday, 24 April 2011

it's that time

i've been sitting on the couch surfing the net as you do and procrastinating. i'm so good at that. it's time to bite the bullet and go upstairs unpack my suitcase. iron everything in it and pack neatly. i really don't want to. i hate ironing. i've got a silk caftan to iron. it's indian and had a funny smell so i washed it, now it needs ironing. oh well. i'm slowing getting my blog back to how it was. it's a slow process. i don't know why but it's all gone pear shaped. i can't edit my posts and i'm not shown as logged in when i am. bloody blogger. :(

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  1. I hate ironing too and only iron a few things, you know the things that get really wrinkled and look like they need a good iron.......

    Little Leo is climbing on everything he can find one day he will fall from a height and really hurt himself.


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