Thursday, 31 March 2011

a funeral

my neighbour of about thirty years or more is being buried tomorrow.  she lost her fight with cancer late last week.  it's going  to be a sad time naturally.  she was like a mum to me after my parents died and my daughter thought of her as a grandma.  she was such a happy character and would walk past on her way to the shops whistling away. on saturdays her tv would be up way too loud and she's be barracking for her favourite team.  she loved her garden and it was always full of colour.  i was often getting little cuttings from her and the violets in my garden came from a cutting of hers when i moved here over ten years ago.  she is survived by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and will be sadly missed by everyone.  RIP Betty

Sunday, 27 March 2011

this is one of the pianos around the city for the come out festival.  there are about 30.  i couldn't get a pic of the one at work but might remember my camera next week when i'm there.  the impressive building is the catholic cathedral in the city. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

a piano

i was leaving work last night and came across a full size upright piano in the middle of the community centre.  we call it the square.  apparently several pianos were donated to different sites around adelaide for the come out festival.  they are going to paint it which may or may not be a good thing.  it was fairly old and battered (should say well loved) and a little african kid was playing chopsticks.  it's secured to the notice board which is under cover.  the things you see.  i just wish i'd taken a photo.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

not much sleep last night

the police helicopter kept me awake in the early hours chasing a couple of blokes in the street next to me.  they shone their great big light into my bedroom a couple of times and it was a little scary not knowing what was going on.  it was on the telly just now.  they caught one bloke but the other one escaped.  they were driving erratically from several suburbs away.  the sirens were really loud.  it was quite bright last night because of the full moon. i had to work today which was horrible but excellent news.  my dear friend at work wants to swap w/end days with me so that she can attend her son's sporting events on the saturday.  it's not quite so busy and i'll have the sunday off to recover.  as it is i don't get a day off until thursday atm.  too long.  everything hurts tonight.  feet, back, wrist and shoulder.  i hope there is something nice on the telly tonight coz i might go to bed and have an early night.  i guess i'd best do the dishes first though :)  it's been raining for most of the day.  it's lovely

Sunday, 13 March 2011


we had a lovely visit and fitted lots in. a very long walk along the river where they ran across the suspension bridge several times each. too much junk food. i spent too much money shopping. they love to shop. i wonder where they get that from? lol. we were tired last night and had another busy day today. i don't get to see them enough. i can't wait until i retire so that i can spend more time with them. they are growing up so fast. anthony is 13 and cookie is 10. it's her birthday very soon. i bought her present ages ago. i hope she likes it. :)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

my nice clean computer

dell man came today and did a nice fresh install. fixed a few hardware problems and it's all good. he was here for ages. finally he left and i found the mouse problem remained. both mousepad and usb mouse were active. makes it difficult to move around and type etc. so i ran out and luckily he hadn't left yet. he came back and fixed it in about 10 minutes so all good now. it's a long w/end here in adelaide this w/end so i'm hoping to have the grandkids for a night or two. i'm about to cook tofu stirfry. i'm hungry. :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011


i went to my first fringe show last night and had a great time. the deer johns. drummer from my son's band and two other talented guys. they all grew up together and it was a little autobiographical journey of their school days and the music that they listened to. i went with my son and his step daughter. his partner was working. all good. i also got a haircut yesterday. a new salon near me. i hated it of course but after washing it i quite like it. certainly better than it was. i was trying to grow it so that i could get a cut at johnny andrian over in bali. he has salons all over asia apparently and is very popular. i went last time and had a colour and cut. super cheap and good job done. it's hard getting a good cut when you have curly hair. i'm pleased with it. all that and i found my ipod charger and my mobile manual. :)