Sunday, 6 March 2011


i went to my first fringe show last night and had a great time. the deer johns. drummer from my son's band and two other talented guys. they all grew up together and it was a little autobiographical journey of their school days and the music that they listened to. i went with my son and his step daughter. his partner was working. all good. i also got a haircut yesterday. a new salon near me. i hated it of course but after washing it i quite like it. certainly better than it was. i was trying to grow it so that i could get a cut at johnny andrian over in bali. he has salons all over asia apparently and is very popular. i went last time and had a colour and cut. super cheap and good job done. it's hard getting a good cut when you have curly hair. i'm pleased with it. all that and i found my ipod charger and my mobile manual. :)

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  1. All in all it sounds like you had a good day


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