Thursday, 10 March 2011

my nice clean computer

dell man came today and did a nice fresh install. fixed a few hardware problems and it's all good. he was here for ages. finally he left and i found the mouse problem remained. both mousepad and usb mouse were active. makes it difficult to move around and type etc. so i ran out and luckily he hadn't left yet. he came back and fixed it in about 10 minutes so all good now. it's a long w/end here in adelaide this w/end so i'm hoping to have the grandkids for a night or two. i'm about to cook tofu stirfry. i'm hungry. :)


  1. Enjoy the weekend and the grandkids, lucky you. Nice to have your computer fixed, I hope he didn't charge and arm and a leg.

  2. Computers can cause so much grief as we rely SO much on them these days!

    Have a lovely relaxing long weekend!


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