Sunday, 13 March 2011


we had a lovely visit and fitted lots in. a very long walk along the river where they ran across the suspension bridge several times each. too much junk food. i spent too much money shopping. they love to shop. i wonder where they get that from? lol. we were tired last night and had another busy day today. i don't get to see them enough. i can't wait until i retire so that i can spend more time with them. they are growing up so fast. anthony is 13 and cookie is 10. it's her birthday very soon. i bought her present ages ago. i hope she likes it. :)


  1. I'm pleased to have found your lovely blog - grandchildren are such little treasures - I'm sure Cookie will love her present.

  2. thanks Dianne. she wanted it for Christmas but i couldn't get one. i know she'll like it ;)

  3. Grandchildren and fantasic I love mine so much and I am lucky I get to see them every week in Leo's case I see him everyday as he is living with me along with his mum of course.

    My Blain rings me of a morning to tell me it is time to get up, and when he is not at school he rings me a dozen times a day just to tell me what he is doing and to say he loves me.

  4. They do grow fast. Glad you had some quality time with them.


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