Friday, 12 December 2014

my birth notice

i am chuffed.  i just went into the trove site and found my birth notice.  my cousin told me she found hers and some of my other cousins' the other day at lunch.  this may be the start of something :)

Saturday, 6 December 2014


my son, dil and g/daughter are coming over today for lunch.  we are having tacos.  i got the soft ones.  i had them recently for the first time with ann and shauna.  they have them every tuesday night.  taco night. it's been a busy time of late, i've been going out so much.  last night a work dinner, tomorrow carol's birthday lunch,  monday breakfast with the girls.  tuesday i'm taking cookie to the hospital for an appointment as my daughter has another appointment elsewhere.  wednesday i'm free.  yay. and thursday is my last day at work until after new year.  friday another dinner with maz.  saturday caiden's party.  he's one.  sunday i think i'm free as well and monday i fly to perth.  i haven't packed yet.  i suppose i should start.  it's starting to get a bit hectic out there.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

a new year's resolution

my new year's resolution in december is to post more. :)  i've been very slack this year, i think it's getting into the groove that is retirement.  i hardly read much anymore either which is most unusual for me.  i have overdue books and worse, unread books.  i go to perth in two weeks and i haven't really thought about packing at all.  i'm trying to travel light with only carry on but have purchased baggage for the return journey.  i'll probably buy some before i go though.  my friend in perth, for whom i'm housesitting, is feeling much better now.  she had a kidney stone removed recently and was in a lot of pain and discomfort as she had a stent inserted.  sounds painful doesn't it?  she's going away with her husband and daughter who has just finished three years at uni studying nursing. this will be the last chance for a while they'll have to travel together.  i'm looking forward to it as my friends Carol and Liz and her husband are joining me over there.

Monday, 1 December 2014

a street fair

yesterday Carol and i went to the semaphore street fair.  it was a very hot day weather wise.  36 degrees.  despite this we had a really good day.  firstly a delicious lunch at the red rock noodle bar and then we started checking out the hundreds of stalls.  there were street entertainers, a local spanish restaurant had a band on the footpath and it was generally a great atmosphere.  i caught up with some library peeps who had an information booth which was nice.  i also had a bottle of ginger beer which i must say i haven't had for many many years.  my uncle used to make it in the spare room.  needless to say there was the odd explosion to be heard and the mess to clean up.  it was delicious and i will indulge again.  the weather is decidedly cooler today and i'm going out to pick up my new driving glasses and visit my doctor.  all good.

some google pics

Saturday, 1 November 2014

a complete disaster

I haven't blogged for ages and I apologise.  i'm sure you missed me.  lol.  well, Liz has returned home and all is well with her.  we had a lot of fun when she was here and didn't shop too much.  well, one or two days we did but I recovered quickly.  she was packed to the hilt when she left but she didn't seem to buy that much stuff.  apparently a lot of things are not available where she lives.  we lunched with our friends A and S quite a bit and as A is a music teacher and has just taken up the uke, we jammed and had fun.  S bought a uke and Liz was going to buy one for her and her husband when she returned.  as you know, the uke is the happiest instrument.  A is quite good and when we were there for lunch one day she brought out a very old accordion and said she hasn't played it for years.  it was a very nice looking accordion and she proceeded to play it like a champ.  obviously she hasn't forgotten how.  it was great.  she taught me a few tunes on the uke and I have to keep practicing them or i'll forget.  my son, the musician :), is pleased that I've taken up the uke again.  so Liz and I shopped, lunched and generally had a good time and those two weeks went so quickly.  last night I went to a local chinese restaurant with some friends from work and had a lovely night.  it was quite hot here yesterday but today it's super windy (I hate the wind) and very cool.  I have some grocery shopping to do as I plan to bake a cake.  I made one the other day which was a complete disaster.  I will attach a photo just so that you can have a laugh.  it's hideous.  I hope the cake I bake today will be an astounding success.  if it is, i'll take a photo.  :)  stay tuned :)  ....

the corner tasted ok although it was super sweet.  there's a face in there somewhere and it's just a little bit creepy. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

third time this year

it's the third time this year i've been sick and this time it's a doozy.  it's laid me low but i think i'm getting better, albeit, very slowly.  it's an infection.  i am blaming the flu/pneumonia injections that i had when i finished work.  my doctor talked me into them.  it probably has nothing to do with it but i think it has.  maybe not, who knows.  i've had very little sleep for the past two days, i was still awake both nights at 3.30am.  the night before that i had the best sleep ever.  all night.  i wish i knew how i did it.  :)  i've started the antibiotics and hopefully, fingers crossed, i start to recover soon.  my son had to take me to the shops today as i am too weak to drive.  i went out by myself on saturday and nearly passed out.  got home just in time.  oh well, onward and upward.  i have to get better by thursday coz Liz is arriving and i have to pick her up from the airport.  we have activities planned.  eating, drinking and catching up with friends.  and maybe shopping.  knowing Liz as i do i know we will be shopping.  she promised me she wouldn't wear me out this time but she got extra baggage allowance going home.  oh dear, i'm worried.  :)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

a music festival and a sleepover

cookie slept over last night.  I went up to my daughter's house yesterday and spent some time feeding and cuddling caiden.  he loves his meals.  he sort of has a tooth through but not really.  lazy baby, is very slow at getting his teeth. he's adorable. daughter cooked a lamb roast which I don't have very often. I can't remember the last time I had one.  it was nice.  cookie came back with me and we had a honey and macadamia icecream for dessert. wow.  very nice.  and moorish.  today we went down to semaphore with my friend carol for the music festival.  we shopped and visited the library too.  it was nice to see angelos who I don't get to see much these days.  he works some sundays at my library.  he's a sweetie.  he's been one of our casual staff for many years. so we shopped, ate and shopped a bit more before I took cookie home.  it's been a long day and i'm tired even though I slept in this morning.  the internet problems were solved the other day but Friday night when I got home my telephone had a terrible noise on it.  I fiddled with it for a while and changed things around and it's much better now although the internet was extremely slow last night with cookie and me on our laptops.  the telstra pit just near the letterbox was being worked on and a sign saying asbestos removal was evident with men all over the place with full body suits on the other day.  nice of them to tell us.  they say they are working on the broadband government roll out thingy.  I don't know.  I hope it sorts itself out soon coz i'm over it.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

new things

did i tell you about the fiasco with the lounge suite Maz gave me?  perhaps it's better you don't know the details.  anyhoo, i sold it the other day for a fraction of what it was worth but sometimes you have to suck it up.  yesterday i got another one.  it's a three seater with a chaise and a pull out bed.  i hope it's going to be ok.  it's a neutral colour and not too big for the room.  we will see.  my internet connection has been a nightmare lately.  i should touch wood coz after being on the phone with them for a lot of yesterday and running up and down the stairs a hundred times it's working well today.  i'm even able to stream music from youtube.  i only hope that it lasts.  i have a sore back from lifting and running around but nothing that time and a rest won't fix.  now i have to move furniture around a bit and i'm not sure where.  i have to get rid of a few things i think.  i have two nice cane chairs that take up room and one too many dressers.  oh dear.  i'll think about it.  it's quite warm here today which is nice and after ages one of my basil seeds has shooted.  :)  i hope the others follow suit and they survive.  i'm doing some washing and i cleaned out the coffee machine which was in a terrible state.  nothing much else on my agenda this weekend.  i might go and see the kids tomorrow.  enjoy your weekend wherever you are.
the chaise lifts up for storage which is always handy

i didn't get this chair but would have liked to.  it's a rocking, swivel and recliner in leather and it was on special.  it came in black as well and it's small enough for my room.  i'm tempted :)

Thursday, 11 September 2014


i am going to perth at christmas time to housesit for my friend who will be away in bali, kl, cambodia and a few other places that i can't remember.  laos maybe. i have only been to the perth airports and don't know my way around.  my friend Carol is coming too.  we will be about an hour from perth near rockingham.  Sue doesn't have animals to look after and two of her neighbours are close friends and know where things are, both in the house and in the area.  we are excited and plan to go to lots of places both in the city and surrounds.  Sue is near the beach and from what i've seen it looks like a lovely part of the country. the house is not far from penguin island so that sounds like a nice day out. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

a reunion dinner

18 months ago the parks library shut it's doors for the last time.  it's supposed to be in the process of being rebuilt but i won't go there.  we have been having a dinner every six months or so to keep in touch.  this time we met at a local cafe and there were more people than usual attend.  it was a great night and the food was really nice too.  bonus.  afterwards i traveled a kilometer or so down the road to the local pub where my son's band was playing.  i didn't stay long as it was super noisy and i was tired.  yesterday i went up to see the kids and we went to gawler for lunch and shopping.
 this pic is totally unrelated to my post.  it's a pic taken in bali at uluwatu recently showing an orca whale swimming near surfers.  it would have been an amazing sight

 cookie's lunch.  mickey mouse pancakes

of course i had lots of snuggles with caiden.  he's growing so fast.  what a little cutie.  he's enjoying his rusk

Sunday, 7 September 2014

happy father's day

to all of the dads today.  enjoy your day

Thursday, 28 August 2014

a few photos

a few random pics and hopefully a video of ubud. 

Friday, 15 August 2014

more from bali

i just had a swim after shopping, it was quite hot when i got back.  the weather here has been really good, busy on the streets and always lots to see and do. everything else is good, good food and lots of lovely people. people watching is one of my favourite things and boy do you see some sites. i changed hotels, this 1 is more central. my friend arrives on sunday and i'm looking forward to that. it will be good to have some company. ive caught up with friends here  already and we are going on a tour or two if we don't make it to the gilis. would you believe I'm a bit homesick? this is nothing new it usually happens and i get over it. When i get home i always wish i was back here surprisingly.  I'm typing using the talk option, it is most interesting. I don't know how to put spaces in. I'm having fun and that's important. I love technology when it works. the hotel is directly behind a mexican restaurant which is quite famous here called tj's. They make the most wonderful juice. I try to go there every day. Also surprisingly i'm running out of money. I don't know where it goes, it's not as if i'm shopping madly. Of course i buy food everyday but it is fairly cheap, I love the local food. I was buying phone credit and then decided to contact the kids via skype which of course doesn't cost anything, most of the time it's quite clear.  everyone here seems to have wifi.the aussie dollar is going for 10850 rupiah.  it changes everyday but not by much. The us dollar is worth more of course. I'm trying to have a beer everyday, bintang have a new beer out with lemon in it, i haven't tried it yet but i intend to. i've taken lots of photos but they won't publish on my blog. i'll add them when i get back.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

a small adventure

today I ventured out and walked through the rice fields. it was a long walk but very rewarding i took lots of photos and a video on my phone. wow too beautiful. the path was fairly easy to follow except when it  narrowed and got a little bit steep. as i am really unfit it was a bit of a challenge but not too hard. i passed lots of tourist on the way and lots of locals. i stopped to talk to a man who sold me a coconut drink, he lopped off the top and put in a straw. it was very refreshing. he also sold beautiful oils but i didn't buy any. maybe next time. yesterday i tried to make the trip but it got a bit late so i turned back. i'm so glad i made it today. i will try and upload the video and the photos but  they are on my phone and this is on my tablet. i'll try. the weather here is really nice, warm not too hot, food is amazing and the home stay where i am is lovely. the people are marvelous, so so nice. my friend may not be able to come as his mum is sick. maybe next time. i'm leaving ubud on friday to go back to kuta and catch up with some friends. yesterday I had the best massage I think I've ever had at golden hands salon. I can't find out how to add photos on the tablet, I'll keep looking.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

can you believe it?

i am flying out on sunday for a trip to bali, including the gili islands and ubud this time.  trouble is i've developed a head cold so i'm hoping that i'll be ok to travel.  i'm hoping it is short lived and flying won't be a problem.  i had a bad infection recently and thought i was all good to go.  apparently not.  i can't remember getting sick like this for ages.  no mind, i can relax once i get there i suppose.  i'm spending a week in ubud, which will be nice, in a homestay with a balinese family.  i've never done that before.  it comes highly recommended and  there is quite a well known restaurant on the top floor and they only have a few rooms.  then i'm going back to kuta to meet up with my friend before we head off to the gilis.  neither of us has been before and it should be a nice little adventure.  there are no cars on the gilis.  everything else is good.  i would have gone up to mind the kids for two nights whilst my daughter went away with her partner but that isn't happening now.  the kids are well and happy and bubs is still teething with no teeth to show yet.  he's growing beautifully and is such a happy little boy. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

kill me now

tax time.  etax.  ato.  superannuation.  retirement.  allocated pensions.  government pensions.  confusion.  i think i need a tax agent.  or at least to make a call to the ato. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

new for me

i got another car yesterday.  a vw golf.  it's very nice but has everything that opens and shuts and is rather confusing atm.  i'm slowly learning where to find things.  at least i know where the brakes are.  power steering is the bomb but the manual is three inches thick.  i had a nice lunch and shopping day with my daughter and cookie today and i'm just about to go out to dinner for my dil's birthday.  it's a bit chilly out there tonight but we should have a good night.  anthony has been staying with me for a week or so and that's been nice.  i've just noticed all of the cheap airfares around atm.  i want to go to perth in december to housesit for my friend over there and i'd love to visit with liz sometime next year.  i just saw direct return flights to bali for less than $400.  that's very good. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

a new post and a party

it's about time really as i haven't posted for ages.  it's not that nothing much is happening it's just coz i'm lazy.  and busy i suppose.  i got over my sinus and chest infections finally and am feeling so much better.  it's been so cold and wet here it's difficult to actually go out and do anything other than the necessary shopping etc.  i have my grandson anthony staying with me for a while.  he's very handy to have around the house.  we did some gardening the other day when it wasn't raining for a change and he removed a large plant for me and mowed the lawn.  i did some weeding and moved a few things around.  it still needs work but is looking better.  i am a fully fledged volunteer at the library now but haven't actually started work because of being sick and now having anthony here.  i also put my name down to volunteer at heartkids.  they have sent me the forms to fill in and return.  as you know, cookie was born with major heart defects and it's a very worthy charity.  nothing else of interest to report really.  i'm looking forward to some nicer weather.  my daughter in law's mum is down from cairns for her 50th next week.  they are planning a nice dinner and little party at theirs. 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

good news

i am relieved to say that my procedure today was negative and i am good to go for another twelve months.  yay.  my super finally came through and i've put it in my savings account for now until i decide if i want to buy a newish car or not.  i probably will.  i'm undecided.  i'm going to dinner and a movie tonight with some friends and although it's a bit chilly out there i'm looking forward to it.  i don't know what we'll see yet. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

a muscle was pulled

i went to bed early again last night to watch jonathon creek.  electric blanket was on and i was all set like a jelly, nice and cosy.  the quilts (i have two and a minky blanket) seemed too far down and i kept trying to pull them up.  next thing i know i have a stitch or a cramp in my side.  i thought nothing of it thinking it would go away in a minute but it didn't.  it just got worse.  i couldn't breath without severe pain and i got stuck in one position in bed and couldn't move up, down or roundabout. i felt like a beached whale.  helpless.  how embarrassing.  i was really starting to get worried by this time. it reminded me of when i took a bath in cairns the night we arrived and because i had severe pain from inflammation in my hip at the time i couldn't get out of the bath.  i shouldn't share that information really.  i was so embarrassed as i didn't want to call my dil to help me. anyway, when i finally got into a sitting position the pain eased somewhat so i took a strong pain killer and a muscle relaxant.  i'm allergic to codeine so have to have a tablet prescribed by my doctor.  luckily i don't suffer strong pain very often.  the pain relief started to kick in about three quarters of an hour later and i was able to find a position on the bed that didn't hurt too much.   i slept fairly well considering until i woke a few times through the night because i'd moved and the pain was awful.  thank goodness the pain has eased considerably today and i just feel a bit off from  the medication i think.  i'm very tender in that area and might go up for a nana nap.  it's my son's birthday today and we are going out for dinner tonight so a nana nap is definitely in order me thinks.  i probably pulled a muscle. honestly, there is never a dull moment.

Monday, 9 June 2014

wedding vows, work friends and a sunny afternoon

what a lovely time we had today at the wedding of Dianne and Reg. partridge house in the beach side suburb of gleneg was the very special venue.  the bride arrived in a blue corvette and looked lovely in a cream and white gown.  Dianne and Reg met at a salsa dance lesson about four years ago and have been a couple ever since.  Reg used to come into the library and fix things and i've known Dianne since i first started work at the library all those years ago. you could feel the love in the air and the small but very meaningful ceremony was quite moving.  Dianne's son recited this piece beautifully and then we then went inside for champagne and delicious finger food.  it was great to see so many friends from work attend.  the weather was chilly at first but the sun came out in the afternoon and it was cosy and warm inside that beautiful old house.   i took my old camera which is not working properly and probably needs recycling as it's no doubt expensive to repair.  my trusty phone took over and low and behold its battery soon went flat.  i did get a very nice photo though.

partridge house at glenelg

the happy couple

Sunday, 8 June 2014

a wee cold

not really sick just feel a bit off and my nose is runny.  i've been resting as much as possible and i'm just about to go for a walk. i have a vitamin d deficiency apparently,  it's quite low.  i don't spend much time in the sun and now that it's been quite overcast lately there's not much chance of sitting in the sun for twenty minutes as directed by my doctor.  i have high cholesterol too and wonder if my three shots of coffee per day are causing it.  i'll watch my diet and see what happens.  it's sunday again and i have to wonder where the week went.  i'm going into the hospital on thursday for my next cancer check.  i'm hoping it will be ok.  my son's birthday is tuesday and i'm going to a wedding tomorrow which is the public holiday.  i hope the weather holds up for the wedding, it should be fun.  my computer problem seems to be connected (haha) to my internet connection.  i keep losing a bar from the icon and wonder if it's the phone line or the isp as i have a new modem.  neither telstra or tpg are interested.  surprised about that?  no, me either.  lol.  enjoy your sunday wherever you are. a few random pics i found on my computer.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

look what happened

when i was sitting here on sunday night with a free week in front of me.  yay.  full week last week so it would be nice, thought i, to spend some time at home catching up with housework etc.  that changed rather quickly.

monday - spent a lot of time at centrelink fixing up paperwork etc and rang up about volunteering at work and a local charity shop. dinner with friend.
tuesday - birthday lunch and shopping with maz.  managed some washing and not much else.
wednesday - cookie's group are performing and i'm taking daughter and grandson.  also fixing cookie's skirt
thursday - my cousin is coming over to drop off some more family (old) photos.  i'm scanning them for her and backing them up to disc.  she has thousands of photos.  it may take me a while. :(
friday - doctor's appointment.  i had a blood test the other day.  you should see the bruise.  nothing very serious me thinks.  i hope i only have to wait ten minutes again and not the usual 1.5 hours.

anthony (g/son) may come back with me on wednesday.  we'll see.  i have no plans at this stage for next weekend or indeed next week.  i'm sure that will change.  i'm back to having nana naps.  oh dear.

my dad on the right.  the child belongs to the other man.  i don't know who they are

dad as a boy.  back left.  his brother is one of the boys and his sister

my paternal grandmother.  my sister resembles her a lot

Monday, 19 May 2014


well liz has returned to cairns.  we had a great visit.  slightly too much shopping for my taste but not too bad.  i got back from the airport at 6 am yesterday morning.  it was still pitch black outside so i went back to bed.  i went to a friend's father's funeral today which, of course, was sad.  he was 90 and lived a good full life.  still very sad though.  i had lunch with maz, she made pumpkin soup from a home grown pumpkin.  yum.  i had a nice visit with her and her gorgeous little doggy, bo.  i'm his godmother.  :)  it's been nice and warm here for a week or so.  kids are all well and i haven't spoken to mike for a few days.  i have nothing new to report really.  the coffee machine is working which is a good thing and i was finally able to reinstall windows so that's good.  it's still a bit slow.  i don't know what else to do.  i've upgraded windows and d/loaded malawarebytes.  it's actually a bit faster since i ran the mb scan.  i had a big nana nap this arvo so i'm hoping that i will be able to sleep well tonight.  i've been sleeping really well since liz has been here.  it's having someone else in the house i suppose.  so, i've been neglecting my blog friends and will catch up soon i'm sure.  that's all from me for the moment.  hope everyone is well and happy

liz and i have been eating icecream whilst out shopping.  this is a sign at the old cinema at semaphore which is now an icecream shop at the front and a library on the other side.  i saw gone with the wind there a hundred years ago. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

so much has happened of late

it's a mini novel i'm afraid.

mike - is having his op today.  i rang him the other day and maisie rang back and told me to stay away from mike again blah blah blah.  you know, the usual.  then i went to make a call and she'd left me a message saying 'get lost'.  in that accent it's all a bit off putting.  so, i haven't rung to ask her how he is doing after the op.  .

liz is here for another week.  we have been shopping a lot and i'm pooped.  she's at her sister in law's for a few days.  we are getting along famously.  we actually managed to have lunch with mike the other day.  he kept checking his watch and looking over his shoulder.  lol.  he's in good spirits and should have a short hospital stay and a good recovery.

my wonderful, amazing, fabulous and excellent coffee machine tried to commit suicide today.  it made nasty noises and when i opened it the diffuser (or something) was at the opposite angle and jammed up under the water thingy.  the inside of it was hanging out.  when graham left i rang the repairer who put me through to head office and when i said it's dead isn't it, he surprised me by saying no it isn't.  he said put the water tank in, put the drip tray back in and press the button.  i'd done this fifty seven times and nothing but of course this time it worked.  he said it needed reimaging or something.  i made a coffee but i feel funny about it now.  as if it's been in an accident and it might be damaged and i can't see the damage.  you know i'm crazy.

also, i've been on the phone with the computer shop, toshiba and microsoft for about 4 hours today.  i have a re install disc now so i'm happy about that.  my computer is super slow and even though the tech. whizzed it up a bit it's still slow, esp. on the internet.  ahhhh.

i'll go to bed early and try and get some sleep.  i'm pooped  :)

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

i've been a bit lazy of late

i haven't walked or done my yoga for at least a week.  it' amazing how easy it is to slip and just don't do it.  what with easter and the anzac day holiday when i had cookie over i've slipped.  however, today i started again.  and feel so much better for it.  now that i don't work you'd think i'd have more time but i don't know where it goes.  i have had appointments and have been filling in so much paper work lately.  so, i'm back on track.  let's hope i can follow through.  :)  liz is arriving tomorrow and i'm picking her up from the airport about 1:30pm.  i haven't told her about mike yet.  i almost did yesterday when she rang but thought i'd leave it until we can talk face to face.  i rang mike yesterday and he is waiting for an op that will remove his prostate.  it's performed by a robot and this means he will only be in hospital for a day or two with minimum recovery time.  trouble is the robot is not covered by his health insurance.  typical isn't it?  if he gets it done publicly the waiting time increases. the doctor said possibly at the end of the month. so i'm hoping that he has a good recovery.  signs are good that it is only in his prostate at this stage.  fingers crossed. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

don't ever call Mike

i just received a phone call from Mike's partner/friend.  she has a lot of problems with jealousy and is quite possessive.  Mike is the second husband of my friend Liz who, with her third husband, moved to Cairns to be near her daughter and grandson.  i've known Mike since the early 1990s when Liz and i studied together.  Liz and Mike are from England but that's got nothing to do with it.  are you keeping up?  :)  He's a lovely bloke, he'd do anything for you.  he's kind and just a nice man.  he's totally into boring organ music and is a volunteer at a cinema which has a magnificent (if you're into that type of thing) organ.  it's quite famous.  soooooo ... it's Mike's birthday today so of course i rang him to wish him a happy birthday as you do.  i was shocked to hear that he's just found out he has a  tumour in his prostate.  he's a bit shell shocked atm which is totally understandable and he won't see his doctor again until tuesday.  f word cancer.  so we had a bit of a chat and didn't speak for too long.  this was about two hours ago.  i thought i won't ring and tell Liz coz she's coming down to stay with me soon and as she can't do anything i thought it best not to tell her over the phone.  Liz and Mike aren't best friends but get along ok when Mike's partner isn't around of course. we were all planning to catch up for lunch together when Liz is down.  the partner, who i'll call Maisy, coz it rhymes with crazy, doesn't want him to have anything to do with Liz or anyone else from his past, even his step daughter.  well, as i said earlier i just got a phone call.  crazy Maisy said 'don't ever call Mike' and hung up. she has a deep voice and an accent and it was a bit freaky really.  i was going to ring back and tell her to you know what off but as Mike is not feeling the best i thought better of it and just laughed about it.  i will ring Mike anytime i damn well feel like it.  sorry Maisy (rhymes with crazy).  i've never had a phone call like that before, there's a first time for everything i suppose.

Friday, 4 April 2014

it's elementary

i used to play a simple little game called sherlock when my ex was around probably on window 95. yes i am that old.  sometimes we played it together over the phone.  please don't judge me :).  anyhoo, imagine my surprise and pleasure when i found it online about a year ago.  i had to buy it this time but it wasn't much and i was happy to do so.  i hadn't played it for ages when i found it on my computer the other day and started playing again.  great way to wile away an hour or two.  basically you get clues and have to deduce what icon goes in what column.  have a look at the pic and i'm sure it will be clear.  the other day i searched for it on google play for the tablet and there it was.  yay.  it's only got six columns on the tablet and for some reason (i'm not very bright) it seems to be harder than on the laptop, but i'm sure that isn't the case.  so i'm a happy little camper and amused by small things obviously.  :)