Tuesday, 13 May 2014

so much has happened of late

it's a mini novel i'm afraid.

mike - is having his op today.  i rang him the other day and maisie rang back and told me to stay away from mike again blah blah blah.  you know, the usual.  then i went to make a call and she'd left me a message saying 'get lost'.  in that accent it's all a bit off putting.  so, i haven't rung to ask her how he is doing after the op.  .

liz is here for another week.  we have been shopping a lot and i'm pooped.  she's at her sister in law's for a few days.  we are getting along famously.  we actually managed to have lunch with mike the other day.  he kept checking his watch and looking over his shoulder.  lol.  he's in good spirits and should have a short hospital stay and a good recovery.

my wonderful, amazing, fabulous and excellent coffee machine tried to commit suicide today.  it made nasty noises and when i opened it the diffuser (or something) was at the opposite angle and jammed up under the water thingy.  the inside of it was hanging out.  when graham left i rang the repairer who put me through to head office and when i said it's dead isn't it, he surprised me by saying no it isn't.  he said put the water tank in, put the drip tray back in and press the button.  i'd done this fifty seven times and nothing but of course this time it worked.  he said it needed reimaging or something.  i made a coffee but i feel funny about it now.  as if it's been in an accident and it might be damaged and i can't see the damage.  you know i'm crazy.

also, i've been on the phone with the computer shop, toshiba and microsoft for about 4 hours today.  i have a re install disc now so i'm happy about that.  my computer is super slow and even though the tech. whizzed it up a bit it's still slow, esp. on the internet.  ahhhh.

i'll go to bed early and try and get some sleep.  i'm pooped  :)


  1. You have been busy with your guest. Sounds fun all that shopping.
    Wondering why your computer is super slow - is it old I wonder!
    Sleep well.

    1. it's not that old M, maybe two years. i got extended warranty but it doesn't cover software. i don't want liz to go home and wish she'd gone somewhere or done something. i want her hols to be fun and busy. i can rest when she goes home. :) i hope you are well.

    2. That's a nuisance then regarding your computer.
      It is good to have someone to stay, continue to enjoy :)

    3. Thanks for your wishes :) I did write a comment to yours on my blog.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Stephen. i had a great sleep and have caught up with stuff today. liz is coming back this arvo. hope you are well.

  3. That is silly that M won't let you ring mike when he has had an op. Glad you are enjoying Liz's stay. Sleep tight.


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