Monday, 19 May 2014


well liz has returned to cairns.  we had a great visit.  slightly too much shopping for my taste but not too bad.  i got back from the airport at 6 am yesterday morning.  it was still pitch black outside so i went back to bed.  i went to a friend's father's funeral today which, of course, was sad.  he was 90 and lived a good full life.  still very sad though.  i had lunch with maz, she made pumpkin soup from a home grown pumpkin.  yum.  i had a nice visit with her and her gorgeous little doggy, bo.  i'm his godmother.  :)  it's been nice and warm here for a week or so.  kids are all well and i haven't spoken to mike for a few days.  i have nothing new to report really.  the coffee machine is working which is a good thing and i was finally able to reinstall windows so that's good.  it's still a bit slow.  i don't know what else to do.  i've upgraded windows and d/loaded malawarebytes.  it's actually a bit faster since i ran the mb scan.  i had a big nana nap this arvo so i'm hoping that i will be able to sleep well tonight.  i've been sleeping really well since liz has been here.  it's having someone else in the house i suppose.  so, i've been neglecting my blog friends and will catch up soon i'm sure.  that's all from me for the moment.  hope everyone is well and happy

liz and i have been eating icecream whilst out shopping.  this is a sign at the old cinema at semaphore which is now an icecream shop at the front and a library on the other side.  i saw gone with the wind there a hundred years ago. 


  1. Glad to hear you had a wonderful visit with Liz. Take care.

  2. Pleased things are working ok.
    I bet you will miss Liz.

  3. hi Stephen and M, yes i miss her. she was good company and it's been quiet around here without her. :)


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