Friday, 19 February 2010

more lizard stuff i'm afraid

i should change the title of this blog to something relating to lizards. what's going on? my sister and i were out the back the other day and i was watering and topped up the pond a bit. i saw a pear shape covered with duck weed and thought nothing of it. bit of branch or plant fallen it, nothing to worry about. then i noticed it had developed a 'head'. oh dear. sure enough it was a lizard. still alive. fallen in the pond and not able to escape because of the stones overhanging the edge. poor thing. i got some long handled kitchen utensils and scooped it up onto the stones. we should move it into the sun said my sister. so we got a basket from inside and i scooped it up again and put it in the sun. it was pretty inactive and a bit bloated as you can imagine. we took it into the park to warm up and decided to check on it later which we did. it was gone so hopefully it's ok. then .... i was sitting outside on tuesday night having a coffee and some grapes and looking around for lizards as is my habit just in case. area is covered with pebbles and pavers so lots of leaf litter etc. lovely place for lizards/wildlife. nothing noted so i just sat there for a while and then i looked over to the shed and there it was. it was peeping out from under the door where it's damaged (the shed door, not the lizard). didn't come out and didn't run back into the shed. just looked out. how strange. next morning it was there again and i noticed it on and off most of the day sitting outside the shed sunning itself. it moved around a bit, not going too far from the shed. in the afternoon it disappeared again and i haven't seen it since. now the question on my lips is ..... is it the same lizard? i didn't get close enough to notice if it had any duck weed on it. it was the same size. i wonder ??? i will definitely blog about something besides lizards next time. promise lol

Sunday, 7 February 2010

possum poo (makes a nice change from lizards, hey?)

i got pood on at work. possum (i'm hoping it was a possum) was startled when i went to start my desk shift the other day. poo rained down on me. yes i hear you saying yuck. believe me i said more than that. i had to wait to go home too which was not good. the day before they found a dead possum in the ceiling. the building is a health hazard. it was built in the 70s as a school library in a community centre. the centre is dying and they may close the library in september but that's a whole new blog. ahhhhh. the stench from the dead possum was unbelievable and it's a wonder people came in let alone stay. the english class teacher didn't want to go to another part of the library for her class even though she was right next door to where the smell was originating from. strong? omg you have no idea. they removed the body that afternoon and we can still smell the stuff they put down to cover up the dead possum smell. we think that the possum who shat on me was it's child/mate. sad really. because i have suffered greatly this past week i bought myself a present today. da dah. a new laptop. it's very nice and red. fast and fab. i started my diet in preparation for the big b. bali in may. can't wait of course. but just to make me feel better i got the laptop. or notebook. i don't know the difference. did i mention it's red. very spesh. i'm also listening to indonesian reggae atm. it's my new thing. love it. see facebook for videos. the band i'm listening to atm is steven and the coconut treez. lol. hope you are well and happy. hot weather coming up here for the next few days. i'm sure i'll cope somehow. lol. till next time. bye ...