Sunday, 7 February 2010

possum poo (makes a nice change from lizards, hey?)

i got pood on at work. possum (i'm hoping it was a possum) was startled when i went to start my desk shift the other day. poo rained down on me. yes i hear you saying yuck. believe me i said more than that. i had to wait to go home too which was not good. the day before they found a dead possum in the ceiling. the building is a health hazard. it was built in the 70s as a school library in a community centre. the centre is dying and they may close the library in september but that's a whole new blog. ahhhhh. the stench from the dead possum was unbelievable and it's a wonder people came in let alone stay. the english class teacher didn't want to go to another part of the library for her class even though she was right next door to where the smell was originating from. strong? omg you have no idea. they removed the body that afternoon and we can still smell the stuff they put down to cover up the dead possum smell. we think that the possum who shat on me was it's child/mate. sad really. because i have suffered greatly this past week i bought myself a present today. da dah. a new laptop. it's very nice and red. fast and fab. i started my diet in preparation for the big b. bali in may. can't wait of course. but just to make me feel better i got the laptop. or notebook. i don't know the difference. did i mention it's red. very spesh. i'm also listening to indonesian reggae atm. it's my new thing. love it. see facebook for videos. the band i'm listening to atm is steven and the coconut treez. lol. hope you are well and happy. hot weather coming up here for the next few days. i'm sure i'll cope somehow. lol. till next time. bye ...


  1. Yuk That smell is disgusting. Pooh is not so bad its their pee that is revolting. If it is an old school building has it been checked for asbestos. Nothing like some retail therapy to cheer you up. Wow a red laptop, you won't be losing it. Sorry I can't share your enthusiasm for reggae music.

  2. Sounds yuk Fran! Thankfully, you have some idea of the type of poo [if that helps] which probably does not.
    Love the retail therapy bit! A red notebook. I have been looking also and I believe they no longer call them laptops as somebody got burnt while using it on their kneee. They get very hot underneath and are downright dangerous.
    I have mine on my knee as I type..

  3. I tell ya possums have no respect these days...I can just imagine what you`d be going in there burning all the incense I could...
    I too am on the look out for a new laptop this year...I`m sick of dealing with an old slow desktop, it take forever to load up ...

    Yet another venture off to Bali, half your luck..My daughter and neice are thinking about going next year..I`ll have to get you to talk to her about all the SAFE spots she can visit...Am I a paranoid mother or what...hahaha


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