Monday, 26 May 2008

a love poem

i don't know who wrote this but it's very nice.

love is where we start

and where we end

love is the highest ideal

the farthest reach of the human spirit

yet it abides closest in the home of the heart

love is life's wealth, life's coin

the more it is spent the more accumulates

love grows richer in giving

and in receiving is replenished to give again

my weekend

pic is of izzy, my daughter's dog. lovely girl.
hiya, had a nice weekend as i hope you did. my daughter and g/children came over for a meal on saturday. very nice visit. yesterday i visited my son and his family and we went to ikea. i like ikea. i got some new cutlery and curtain hooks, oh and some divine candles with an ocean scent. they are very nice. oh, and a new clock for my lounge room. i like ikea. they were out of stock of the kids cutlery set i wanted. never mind, next time. then we went to west lakes for brekky. it was about 12.00 pm by then. they do an all day breakfast. eggs were a bit runny but very nice.
the weather here was lovely on the weekend. i was bending down watering some cuttings and saw something out of the corner of my eye. yes, another lizard. they are supposed to be asleep for the winter in the shed. it was a young one. only about twenty cm long and quite narrow. it shot off into the garden when i screamed. funny that :(

Friday, 23 May 2008

more nothing much

i see my favourite sex god, stephen tyler, is in rehab. i thought he got off the drugs ages ago. at least he's doing something about it. i know not a lot of people would think of stephen as a sex god but i find him amazingly sexy. love me some aerosmith. dream on. ;)

there's a bloke on the teev who is willing to tattoo advertisements on his body for money. it's on ebay i think. he's also willing to move to queensland to give the tattoos maximum exposure. ok hmm. so far he hasn't had any takers.

have a good one. the sun was out earlier but it's quite cold. :)

Thursday, 22 May 2008

absolutely nothing exciting to read here

nothing much to blog about, i just thought i would. i bought a compressor thingy to blow up the tyres on my bicycle today. i tried to do it with my hand pump the other day and it just let all the air out. tyres were flat as the proverbial tack. my son had to come over and fix it for me. i'd love to do a course in bicycle maintenance coz i have no idea how to change a tyre etc. i used to watch my son and husband do it but that was yonks ago. oh well. it's nearly friday so yay. have a lovely friday everyone. bbfn

Monday, 19 May 2008

painted pussies

this is a link to some photos of cats. so far so good. however, these poor little pussy cats have been painted. yes, painted. so wrong. some are very wrong. the lipstick is wrong. ok, i admit it, some i like. i like the jungle cat one and the black and white ones. most of them just wrong. what do you think? apparently they are madly expensive to get done. anything from $15,000 US each time. the paint job lasts about three months i think, or something like that. omg.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

a private lesson

no-one but me turned up for class tonight so i had a private lesson. how nice. :) i got through lots. well done me.

i feel like i'm coming down with a buggy thing but i'm sure a sleep will fix it. i'm working late tomorrow.

i gained .3 of a kilo so must get my shyte together and focus.

a certain person at work has been on leave for the past week and is coming back on monday. it's been lovely. a holiday for everyone.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

it's mother's day

these flowers are eforbia. they're balinese. no surprises there. unusual aren't they? happy mother's day. i'm actually going to see my son. he's coming over for cake and coffee. i haven't seen him for ages. :)

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


i had to mind the g/children tonight whilst mum went to the hospital. they had pizza for t and we watched chicken little and played on the computer. then i put charlie and the choc. factory on. omg. how great is this film. weird. i love it. they've gone home now and the lounge room looks like a bomb hit it. they were tired poor little things. they put a new pet each on myspace. so cute.

when they left the phone rang and guess what? i won a trip to the bahamas. lucky me hey? how cool. my workmate got the same call the other morning. now they've got computers ringing up making nuisance calls at all hours. i still use my fave when the indian people ring. i just make out i can't hear them. works a treat and nobody gets their feelings hurt. these people have to make a living too. ;)

i should go to bed and stop watching charlie. night night. :)

alaskan sun and moon

someone sent me this yesterday. it's a pic taken in alaska of the sun and the moon. amazing pic.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

it's the weekend........... again

the pic is of a bali surfer boy. lovely smile don't you think?
hello. it's saturday again. where does the week go? too fast. i stayed home yesterday coz i had another steroid injection in my shoulder. hurts still. never mind.

my daughter has hurt her back and if off work. i'm taking them to lunch today. then i'm having the pedicure she gave me for my birthday. it was a voucher. nicest present she ever gave me actually. she's got to go to the doctor this afternoon. last night i went to a work friend's house for a body shop party. i love their products. you must have a look at the nail block thingy. the girl used it on my thumb nail and got rid of all the ridges. it's as smooth as you know what. it's nice and shiny too. i think it cost about $6.95 or something.