Saturday, 21 January 2017

getting there

i am doing well after the eye surgery.  i drove yesterday wearing my old perscription sunnies quite well but can't see properly distance wise with the old multis  i spoke to the surgeon yesterday because i have lots of tiny black spots (floaters).  he wasn't overly concerned about them and said to keep using the eye drops.  i'm seeing him again early next month.  i can't believe that january is almost over.  it's nearly lunar new year and miss lan took me to her hairdresser the other day for a much needed cut.  it looked fab when he finished with me but then i washed it and slept on it.  lol.  we did a little bit of shopping and had another massage.  very nice.  my daughter's air con was leaking the other day but was fixed yesterday thank goodness.  so, as you can see, i have not much to blog about.  i might go and see the grandkids tomorrow.  enjoy your weekend

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

well it's done and dusted, almost

i had my cataract surgery yesterday and as you know i was a nervous wreck and a huge sooky la la about it all.  i must say they lied to me about the procedure.  well, that's my side of the story although they deny it.  i'm sure they said i'd be asleep for the op but no, they said they need me awake.  really?  i wanted to say that i'm sorry but i must go home now but i didn't.  i was even more nervous after that but the wonderful and very understanding and patient staff talked to me and sort of calmed me down a bit.  i had an anaesthetic to have the anaesthetic for the eye if that makes sense.  they put me to sleep to inject the anaesthetic around the eye and then woke me up to have the op.  all i saw during the op were lights, sometimes bright, sometimes more subdued.  david, the surgeon and hero of the day, talked to me the entire time and was so gentle and kind. i could hear the machine but it wasn't loud.  it took about half an hour and i was all bandaged up and sitting in the recovery room soon after eating half a salad sandwich (it needed salt and pepper) and drinking a cup of coffee.  i've had a bit of a headache since and today went back for the examination.  all is well.   i can see through the eye although  everything isn't as clear as i would like but that will improve i think.  i am amazed by the brightness of everything and the clarity of the colours of things, it's startling.  it is literally like a dull curtain has been removed which i supposed it has really.  i need sunglasses outside and i'm allowed to watch tv today.  i'm still sorting out my normal glasses as i don't know how suitable they'll be. i'm not allowed to drive for 10 days.  my son has been staying here and looking after me but went home today and will return this evening for a while.  i should be fine on my own now  i can put the eyedrops in by myself.  i have an eye shield to wear at night.  i am going back in a month and i'l have the other eye done about six weeks after that.  hopefully i won't be as nervous (scared stiff) next time but i wouldn't bet on it.  everyone i've spoken to about the op raves about the difference and wishes they'd had it years before.  me too i think.  if only i wasn't such a scaredy cat about such things.  so it's all good

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

lunch, eventually

i haven't seen a and s for ages so i was pleased to get a text message yesterday to meet them for lunch.  a bit short notice but i wanted to see them so got ready and waited at the restaurant.  where were they?  it isn't like them to be late.  so i rang and as i hadn't read the text message properly i'd gotten the day wrong.  but, all was well because they were close by and could make it.  so, we had a long lunch and a good catch up.  so much has happened lately, a's mum is sick and in and out of hospital.  a has been staying there to help out.  everyone is so busy these days.  i'm glad we managed to catch up.

Monday, 2 January 2017

a night out

i'd rather stay at home on nye but miss lan talked me into going into the city to watch the fireworks at elder park.  we went by bus as the public transport was free from 5pm until dawn.  that's a great idea as parking in the city would be near impossible.  the bus was packed as expected and coming home we had to wait for a while but that's ok.  the fireworks were marvellous and we were sitting on the lawn very close to them.  so loud. they had a concert in the park and the cricket was on at the oval.  i felt like all of adelaide was there and as as you'd expect it was very crowded.  afterwards, we made our way to the casino to meet my son and dil.  i haven't been to the casino for many years and it doesn't look like it's changed much.  we watched my dil play blackjack and win for a while, had a drink and left.  i got home at 11.30pm.  the second lot of fireworks started at midnight and i was in bed not much after that.  i can see the fireworks from my bathroom and bedroom windows.  i slept like a log and was awakened, rudely i might add, by someone letting off a few very loud fireworks in the park at 5am.  i hope you had an enjoyable new year's eve.  i took lots of photos but they didn't turn out very well