Saturday, 21 January 2017

getting there

i am doing well after the eye surgery.  i drove yesterday wearing my old perscription sunnies quite well but can't see properly distance wise with the old multis  i spoke to the surgeon yesterday because i have lots of tiny black spots (floaters).  he wasn't overly concerned about them and said to keep using the eye drops.  i'm seeing him again early next month.  i can't believe that january is almost over.  it's nearly lunar new year and miss lan took me to her hairdresser the other day for a much needed cut.  it looked fab when he finished with me but then i washed it and slept on it.  lol.  we did a little bit of shopping and had another massage.  very nice.  my daughter's air con was leaking the other day but was fixed yesterday thank goodness.  so, as you can see, i have not much to blog about.  i might go and see the grandkids tomorrow.  enjoy your weekend


  1. Pleased you are getting along alright after the eye surgery - I have floaters, they are weird creations.
    Time goes so quickly and we just don't realize it.

    1. hi Margaret, yes, floaters are very common and harmless. my son has them too. i hope all is well with you

  2. Glad to hear the op was okay. Hope the floaters go or else you get used to them. I've got them but I don't notice them any more. Its been a hot summer. Keep cool.


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