Wednesday, 4 January 2017

lunch, eventually

i haven't seen a and s for ages so i was pleased to get a text message yesterday to meet them for lunch.  a bit short notice but i wanted to see them so got ready and waited at the restaurant.  where were they?  it isn't like them to be late.  so i rang and as i hadn't read the text message properly i'd gotten the day wrong.  but, all was well because they were close by and could make it.  so, we had a long lunch and a good catch up.  so much has happened lately, a's mum is sick and in and out of hospital.  a has been staying there to help out.  everyone is so busy these days.  i'm glad we managed to catch up.


  1. Always good to catch up even if it was the wrong day..
    People seems to be busy at times, but we also get busy too even though we are retired.

  2. hi Margaret, yes it was long overdue. we had a lovely day. we are all too busy which doesn't make sense as we are all retired. it's crazy

  3. I'm glad they could make it and make your day!

  4. hi Diane, yes i'm pleased that we were able to catch up. it's been too long and we had a lovely day


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