Friday, 10 February 2017

rats and other things

i was sitting here minding my own business the other day when a rat ran across the inside rail of the back fence.   i am terrified of rats and felt sick.  then later in the day i was on the phone and it ran back again.  ahhhh.  i got anthony to throw some baits into the shed and yesterday when i came down and opened the blind there it was.  on the veranda.  dead.  luckily my dil is ok with rat disposal so she came over while i was at the hospital and did the dirty deed.  i still feel sick if i think about it.  my eye check yesterday went well and the doctor was pleased with the result of the op even though i have new floaters which are very common and harmless.  she booked me in to have the other eye done and said i may be able to drive without glasses afterwards so that's a good thing.  my dr david has left and i now have dr katya.  she's very young and sweet.  despite the current heatwave all is well.  it should be cooler by sunday.  it was 36 degrees in my bedroom yesterday when i went upstairs.


  1. You are having such hot weather it's unreal really.
    like you I hate rats, only ever seen one and it attached my cat in a shed when we lived on the farm many years ago - cat was ok, rat not!
    Pleased to know your eye is good after the operation..
    Keep cool till the change.

    1. much cooler today thank goodness Margaret. poor cat, i know rats can attack. it just doesn't bear thinking about.

    2. I think i have a rat over here, it ran along the fence one evening a few weeks back.. I need a 'dil' to come and take care of it for me! :-)


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