Sunday, 19 February 2017

miss lan, my daughter and i went to the fringe parade last night.  we bussed it into the city.  i must admit we didn't see much of the parade because it was so crowded but we had a nice time.  then miss lan and i went to pick up her son on the other side of adelaide.  we didn't know exactly where to go and got a little bit lost but managed to find the place eventually.  i found the gps thingy on my phone afterwards :(  anyway, the last time i had my car serviced the mechanic said that my battery was on the way out.  it's been fine.  not hard to start so i kept thinking i'd ring him and arrange a replacement but of course just kept putting it off.  last night i started the car to come home and nothing except a horrible whining noise.  the lights all worked.  i rang the raa and they said because of the fringe and the guns and roses concert at the oval they were really busy.  so we waited.  and waited.  the raa showed up at 2am changed the battery and luckily invoiced me because i didn't have my credit card with me.  so after all of that i got home  at 3am.  so i slept in this morning, i hope miss lan got some sleep.

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