Tuesday, 15 April 2014

don't ever call Mike

i just received a phone call from Mike's partner/friend.  she has a lot of problems with jealousy and is quite possessive.  Mike is the second husband of my friend Liz who, with her third husband, moved to Cairns to be near her daughter and grandson.  i've known Mike since the early 1990s when Liz and i studied together.  Liz and Mike are from England but that's got nothing to do with it.  are you keeping up?  :)  He's a lovely bloke, he'd do anything for you.  he's kind and just a nice man.  he's totally into boring organ music and is a volunteer at a cinema which has a magnificent (if you're into that type of thing) organ.  it's quite famous.  soooooo ... it's Mike's birthday today so of course i rang him to wish him a happy birthday as you do.  i was shocked to hear that he's just found out he has a  tumour in his prostate.  he's a bit shell shocked atm which is totally understandable and he won't see his doctor again until tuesday.  f word cancer.  so we had a bit of a chat and didn't speak for too long.  this was about two hours ago.  i thought i won't ring and tell Liz coz she's coming down to stay with me soon and as she can't do anything i thought it best not to tell her over the phone.  Liz and Mike aren't best friends but get along ok when Mike's partner isn't around of course. we were all planning to catch up for lunch together when Liz is down.  the partner, who i'll call Maisy, coz it rhymes with crazy, doesn't want him to have anything to do with Liz or anyone else from his past, even his step daughter.  well, as i said earlier i just got a phone call.  crazy Maisy said 'don't ever call Mike' and hung up. she has a deep voice and an accent and it was a bit freaky really.  i was going to ring back and tell her to you know what off but as Mike is not feeling the best i thought better of it and just laughed about it.  i will ring Mike anytime i damn well feel like it.  sorry Maisy (rhymes with crazy).  i've never had a phone call like that before, there's a first time for everything i suppose.


  1. Yes, I kept up with what you have written.
    Strange lady phoning and saying what she said.
    Sorry to read about your friend, I hope he makes a full recovery..

    1. she is very strange. apparently she has major problems and is estranged from sons who want nothing to do with her. very sad really. i hope Mike recovers well too. he is in my prayers. :) hope you are well in your part of the country M. is it getting chilly there yet? we have had some nice weather of late. a bit of rain coming on the weekend but that's ok. :)

    2. Yes, it certainly is sad regarding the lady, can't imagine someone being like that unless they are deranged or something!
      Yes, getting cool here too, certainly autumn and nights are much cooler. No rain though but party dull days, sun out then in etc.

  2. I'll cross my fingers that your friend's tumor is benign.

  3. That call must have been unnerving to say the least. You did well to laugh it off. She sounds like a controlling freak. So sorry to hear about Mike's cancer and I hope he will survive it. My friend has also just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is going through a battery of tests to decide which is the best type of treatment. They have 2 holidays planned one is with us later in the year. They are hoping all goes well but are devastated with this news just as they have retired.


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