Friday, 4 April 2014

it's elementary

i used to play a simple little game called sherlock when my ex was around probably on window 95. yes i am that old.  sometimes we played it together over the phone.  please don't judge me :).  anyhoo, imagine my surprise and pleasure when i found it online about a year ago.  i had to buy it this time but it wasn't much and i was happy to do so.  i hadn't played it for ages when i found it on my computer the other day and started playing again.  great way to wile away an hour or two.  basically you get clues and have to deduce what icon goes in what column.  have a look at the pic and i'm sure it will be clear.  the other day i searched for it on google play for the tablet and there it was.  yay.  it's only got six columns on the tablet and for some reason (i'm not very bright) it seems to be harder than on the laptop, but i'm sure that isn't the case.  so i'm a happy little camper and amused by small things obviously.  :)


  1. That is wonderful you found that game. I am sure you will enjoy it.
    Am hoping that one day I can find the ones I used to play.

  2. i hope you do too. i was quite surprised because it's an old dos game and that goes back quite a while. showing my age here. hope you are well M :)

    1. F, I remember DOS :) used to buy games on a floppy disc, play them all the time..doing ok thanks, hope you are too.

  3. Sounds a good game for keeping your brain active, We are hooked on Bookworm, a word game similar to scrabble but different. Good on the tablet.

  4. I'm glad you and this game reconnected. I only play solitaire on the computer. Unlike playing with a deck of cards, it's so hard to cheat.


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