Thursday, 27 March 2014


i keep all of my receipts, except the ones i need.  i bought a top on sunday.  i didn't try it on.  it doesn't fit terribly well.  i wanted an exchange.  it still has the price tags etc on as i haven't worn it.  i didn't want my money back.  the answer is no.  no receipt, no exchange. which is fair enough i suppose but i'm not a happy customer.  why do i always lose the receipts i actually need?  usually i'm so careful about keeping them.  i have a nice blue and white planter that i keep on the fridge and put all of my receipts in it.  except the ones i actually need.  recently i bought my daughter some reusable coffee pods and promptly lost the receipt.  they didn't fit her machine.  :(  i bought my dil a skirt for work the other day.  she doesn't like it.  and what do you know??????  i have the receipt for that one.  sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. 

my franjipanni had two flower heads this year.  usually there's only one.  they've nearly finished flowering.  my favourite flower


  1. Maybe you're just being too polite. I often exchange items without the receipt. Never a refund but no problem making an exchange.

  2. I would check with consumer law.. online :-)

  3. Oh my, the shops should take it back without receipt because you have the label on it. Sometimes they can be right pain.
    Love your Franjipanni. Hope you are doing ok.

  4. Check with consumer affairs, I'm sure they can't refuse an exchange.
    The same thing happens to me. However, if you buy it on a card and you can find the transaction on your statement and take that to the store they can go into their computer on that day and find your receipt. JB Hi Fi did that for us.

    1. thank you Diane, i'll give it a try


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