Thursday, 13 March 2014

armchair traveling and a blast from the past

i'm sitting here enjoying my morning coffee and catching up on the internets.  :)  so far this morning i've been to indonesia, far north queensland, victoria, png, japan and tassie (tasmania).  i love reading new posts from my blog friends.  i've read my emails and caught up on the news.  i have no plans for today.  maybe some cleaning.  i've been meaning to scrub the tiles in the wet areas for a while now.  ahhh there goes the coffee machine.  i'm descaling it as i type.  i love my coffee machine madly but it's very, very needy.  fill the tank, empty this, empty that.  descaling is one of the many messages that pops up on the screen.  i don't like that bit.  it takes a while but really all i need to do is fill the tank and add the descaling stuff.  the machine does the rest.  this is a pic of my sister and me taken way back in the 60s.  i think it's my room coz the desk and typewriter are mine.  there's posters on the wall and a pic of my boyfriend, our next door neighbour, on the bed.  the dolls are my sister's.  she had a thousand of them.  i only had two.  one was named susanne but i can't remember the other one's name.  my mother was extremely houseproud and we weren't allowed to do anything that would make a mess.  the pram belonged to our cousin before my sister got it and  it was really old then.  it would be worth a fortune today.  the walls were painted different pastel colours.  yuk.  it was all the rage at the time. i scanned the photo from an old slide. 


  1. Interesting the colours of the walls.
    It's good to sit and read blogs when you have a few moments/hour or so.
    It's a good way of learning is travelling in the Internet, and I am so pleased that I have that opportunity.
    Descaling, oh my, I have to do that very soon to our coffee machine. I went off coffee for many years, and now I only like what comes out of my machine and I don't use it everyday, well not through summer/will in winter I expect.
    Nice slide there. I only remember having one doll, and my parents could afford more but maybe I didn't show great interest in them, I can't remember to tell you the truth.

  2. That's an ethically diverse doll collection. I love looking at old photos.

  3. Me too old photos are fascinating. That sure is a doll collection.

  4. I didn't buy a coffee machine because of the cleaning process...I once won an industrial coffee machine and gave it to a friend as a housewarming present as she a) wanted one and b) have a large family and they drank a lot of coffee.... compared to coffee for one and all the cleaning that would have been involved. The good old percolator suits me fine :-)


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