Sunday, 8 June 2014

a wee cold

not really sick just feel a bit off and my nose is runny.  i've been resting as much as possible and i'm just about to go for a walk. i have a vitamin d deficiency apparently,  it's quite low.  i don't spend much time in the sun and now that it's been quite overcast lately there's not much chance of sitting in the sun for twenty minutes as directed by my doctor.  i have high cholesterol too and wonder if my three shots of coffee per day are causing it.  i'll watch my diet and see what happens.  it's sunday again and i have to wonder where the week went.  i'm going into the hospital on thursday for my next cancer check.  i'm hoping it will be ok.  my son's birthday is tuesday and i'm going to a wedding tomorrow which is the public holiday.  i hope the weather holds up for the wedding, it should be fun.  my computer problem seems to be connected (haha) to my internet connection.  i keep losing a bar from the icon and wonder if it's the phone line or the isp as i have a new modem.  neither telstra or tpg are interested.  surprised about that?  no, me either.  lol.  enjoy your sunday wherever you are. a few random pics i found on my computer.


  1. Good luck for your hospital stay....
    No good a cold, we have just got over one each.
    Have a lovely time at the wedding..
    Have been out in sun here as weather has been lovely, even though the temp is not hot sun is :)
    Take care there....M

    1. thank you M, glad you are having some nice weather over there

  2. Good luck with that hospital check-up. I'll cross my fingers for good results.


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