Tuesday, 10 June 2014

a muscle was pulled

i went to bed early again last night to watch jonathon creek.  electric blanket was on and i was all set like a jelly, nice and cosy.  the quilts (i have two and a minky blanket) seemed too far down and i kept trying to pull them up.  next thing i know i have a stitch or a cramp in my side.  i thought nothing of it thinking it would go away in a minute but it didn't.  it just got worse.  i couldn't breath without severe pain and i got stuck in one position in bed and couldn't move up, down or roundabout. i felt like a beached whale.  helpless.  how embarrassing.  i was really starting to get worried by this time. it reminded me of when i took a bath in cairns the night we arrived and because i had severe pain from inflammation in my hip at the time i couldn't get out of the bath.  i shouldn't share that information really.  i was so embarrassed as i didn't want to call my dil to help me. anyway, when i finally got into a sitting position the pain eased somewhat so i took a strong pain killer and a muscle relaxant.  i'm allergic to codeine so have to have a tablet prescribed by my doctor.  luckily i don't suffer strong pain very often.  the pain relief started to kick in about three quarters of an hour later and i was able to find a position on the bed that didn't hurt too much.   i slept fairly well considering until i woke a few times through the night because i'd moved and the pain was awful.  thank goodness the pain has eased considerably today and i just feel a bit off from  the medication i think.  i'm very tender in that area and might go up for a nana nap.  it's my son's birthday today and we are going out for dinner tonight so a nana nap is definitely in order me thinks.  i probably pulled a muscle. honestly, there is never a dull moment.

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  1. That sound really dreadful. I do hope by tomorrow your muscle is well enough healed. Happy Birthday to your son.hope you enjoyed your dinner....


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