Sunday, 6 July 2014

a new post and a party

it's about time really as i haven't posted for ages.  it's not that nothing much is happening it's just coz i'm lazy.  and busy i suppose.  i got over my sinus and chest infections finally and am feeling so much better.  it's been so cold and wet here it's difficult to actually go out and do anything other than the necessary shopping etc.  i have my grandson anthony staying with me for a while.  he's very handy to have around the house.  we did some gardening the other day when it wasn't raining for a change and he removed a large plant for me and mowed the lawn.  i did some weeding and moved a few things around.  it still needs work but is looking better.  i am a fully fledged volunteer at the library now but haven't actually started work because of being sick and now having anthony here.  i also put my name down to volunteer at heartkids.  they have sent me the forms to fill in and return.  as you know, cookie was born with major heart defects and it's a very worthy charity.  nothing else of interest to report really.  i'm looking forward to some nicer weather.  my daughter in law's mum is down from cairns for her 50th next week.  they are planning a nice dinner and little party at theirs. 

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  1. Good to over your sinusitis & chest injection. They sometimes hang around for weeks. We haven't had a lot of rain as yet, if we did I slept through it.
    Enjoy the time with your grandson.


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