Friday, 11 July 2014

new for me

i got another car yesterday.  a vw golf.  it's very nice but has everything that opens and shuts and is rather confusing atm.  i'm slowly learning where to find things.  at least i know where the brakes are.  power steering is the bomb but the manual is three inches thick.  i had a nice lunch and shopping day with my daughter and cookie today and i'm just about to go out to dinner for my dil's birthday.  it's a bit chilly out there tonight but we should have a good night.  anthony has been staying with me for a week or so and that's been nice.  i've just noticed all of the cheap airfares around atm.  i want to go to perth in december to housesit for my friend over there and i'd love to visit with liz sometime next year.  i just saw direct return flights to bali for less than $400.  that's very good. 


  1. Enjoy your golf - sister in law has one and goes well, she loves it.
    Happy Birthday to Dil..
    Hope you can get to where you want to go cheaply then.

    1. thank you M. it's a lovely car. i keep getting emails about cheap fares from jetstar etc. they have the sales on atm so that's good. hope you are well and staying warm and dry.

  2. Once you do your tax.. you might have some money to buy an airline ticket or two ;)


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