Friday, 15 August 2014

more from bali

i just had a swim after shopping, it was quite hot when i got back.  the weather here has been really good, busy on the streets and always lots to see and do. everything else is good, good food and lots of lovely people. people watching is one of my favourite things and boy do you see some sites. i changed hotels, this 1 is more central. my friend arrives on sunday and i'm looking forward to that. it will be good to have some company. ive caught up with friends here  already and we are going on a tour or two if we don't make it to the gilis. would you believe I'm a bit homesick? this is nothing new it usually happens and i get over it. When i get home i always wish i was back here surprisingly.  I'm typing using the talk option, it is most interesting. I don't know how to put spaces in. I'm having fun and that's important. I love technology when it works. the hotel is directly behind a mexican restaurant which is quite famous here called tj's. They make the most wonderful juice. I try to go there every day. Also surprisingly i'm running out of money. I don't know where it goes, it's not as if i'm shopping madly. Of course i buy food everyday but it is fairly cheap, I love the local food. I was buying phone credit and then decided to contact the kids via skype which of course doesn't cost anything, most of the time it's quite clear.  everyone here seems to have wifi.the aussie dollar is going for 10850 rupiah.  it changes everyday but not by much. The us dollar is worth more of course. I'm trying to have a beer everyday, bintang have a new beer out with lemon in it, i haven't tried it yet but i intend to. i've taken lots of photos but they won't publish on my blog. i'll add them when i get back.

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