Wednesday, 6 August 2014

a small adventure

today I ventured out and walked through the rice fields. it was a long walk but very rewarding i took lots of photos and a video on my phone. wow too beautiful. the path was fairly easy to follow except when it  narrowed and got a little bit steep. as i am really unfit it was a bit of a challenge but not too hard. i passed lots of tourist on the way and lots of locals. i stopped to talk to a man who sold me a coconut drink, he lopped off the top and put in a straw. it was very refreshing. he also sold beautiful oils but i didn't buy any. maybe next time. yesterday i tried to make the trip but it got a bit late so i turned back. i'm so glad i made it today. i will try and upload the video and the photos but  they are on my phone and this is on my tablet. i'll try. the weather here is really nice, warm not too hot, food is amazing and the home stay where i am is lovely. the people are marvelous, so so nice. my friend may not be able to come as his mum is sick. maybe next time. i'm leaving ubud on friday to go back to kuta and catch up with some friends. yesterday I had the best massage I think I've ever had at golden hands salon. I can't find out how to add photos on the tablet, I'll keep looking.


  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time....I know on iPad how to upload photos to my blog.....maybe if you download 'blogger' that might help....

    1. thank you M. I'll have another look

  2. Good for you doing the walk. It sounds different and interesting. Love to see some photos if you can, if not wait till your back here.

  3. I found out how to post pics but they won't publish so will wait until I get home


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