Saturday, 1 November 2014

a complete disaster

I haven't blogged for ages and I apologise.  i'm sure you missed me.  lol.  well, Liz has returned home and all is well with her.  we had a lot of fun when she was here and didn't shop too much.  well, one or two days we did but I recovered quickly.  she was packed to the hilt when she left but she didn't seem to buy that much stuff.  apparently a lot of things are not available where she lives.  we lunched with our friends A and S quite a bit and as A is a music teacher and has just taken up the uke, we jammed and had fun.  S bought a uke and Liz was going to buy one for her and her husband when she returned.  as you know, the uke is the happiest instrument.  A is quite good and when we were there for lunch one day she brought out a very old accordion and said she hasn't played it for years.  it was a very nice looking accordion and she proceeded to play it like a champ.  obviously she hasn't forgotten how.  it was great.  she taught me a few tunes on the uke and I have to keep practicing them or i'll forget.  my son, the musician :), is pleased that I've taken up the uke again.  so Liz and I shopped, lunched and generally had a good time and those two weeks went so quickly.  last night I went to a local chinese restaurant with some friends from work and had a lovely night.  it was quite hot here yesterday but today it's super windy (I hate the wind) and very cool.  I have some grocery shopping to do as I plan to bake a cake.  I made one the other day which was a complete disaster.  I will attach a photo just so that you can have a laugh.  it's hideous.  I hope the cake I bake today will be an astounding success.  if it is, i'll take a photo.  :)  stay tuned :)  ....

the corner tasted ok although it was super sweet.  there's a face in there somewhere and it's just a little bit creepy. 


  1. It sounds like you had a good time with Liz. Glad to see you are having fun in retirement.

  2. I kissed your posts :)
    You had a great time by the sound of it. Keep practicing the Uke, good sounding instrument.
    Oh gosh about your cake, but never mind, it sure does happen sometimes :)

  3. A scarey looking cake, in time for Halloween! Any videos of you playing the Uke?

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