Monday, 13 October 2014

third time this year

it's the third time this year i've been sick and this time it's a doozy.  it's laid me low but i think i'm getting better, albeit, very slowly.  it's an infection.  i am blaming the flu/pneumonia injections that i had when i finished work.  my doctor talked me into them.  it probably has nothing to do with it but i think it has.  maybe not, who knows.  i've had very little sleep for the past two days, i was still awake both nights at 3.30am.  the night before that i had the best sleep ever.  all night.  i wish i knew how i did it.  :)  i've started the antibiotics and hopefully, fingers crossed, i start to recover soon.  my son had to take me to the shops today as i am too weak to drive.  i went out by myself on saturday and nearly passed out.  got home just in time.  oh well, onward and upward.  i have to get better by thursday coz Liz is arriving and i have to pick her up from the airport.  we have activities planned.  eating, drinking and catching up with friends.  and maybe shopping.  knowing Liz as i do i know we will be shopping.  she promised me she wouldn't wear me out this time but she got extra baggage allowance going home.  oh dear, i'm worried.  :)


  1. Sorry to hear you are not well, speedy recovery.
    Seems you could be in for some shopping, by the time your friend arrived you should be well on the mend.


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