Monday, 1 December 2014

a street fair

yesterday Carol and i went to the semaphore street fair.  it was a very hot day weather wise.  36 degrees.  despite this we had a really good day.  firstly a delicious lunch at the red rock noodle bar and then we started checking out the hundreds of stalls.  there were street entertainers, a local spanish restaurant had a band on the footpath and it was generally a great atmosphere.  i caught up with some library peeps who had an information booth which was nice.  i also had a bottle of ginger beer which i must say i haven't had for many many years.  my uncle used to make it in the spare room.  needless to say there was the odd explosion to be heard and the mess to clean up.  it was delicious and i will indulge again.  the weather is decidedly cooler today and i'm going out to pick up my new driving glasses and visit my doctor.  all good.

some google pics


  1. You did have a warm day then.
    Hope your new glasses do the trick and that you get on well at your Dr. The fair sounds interesting..

  2. It has been a while since we had an update! :-)


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