Saturday, 6 December 2014


my son, dil and g/daughter are coming over today for lunch.  we are having tacos.  i got the soft ones.  i had them recently for the first time with ann and shauna.  they have them every tuesday night.  taco night. it's been a busy time of late, i've been going out so much.  last night a work dinner, tomorrow carol's birthday lunch,  monday breakfast with the girls.  tuesday i'm taking cookie to the hospital for an appointment as my daughter has another appointment elsewhere.  wednesday i'm free.  yay. and thursday is my last day at work until after new year.  friday another dinner with maz.  saturday caiden's party.  he's one.  sunday i think i'm free as well and monday i fly to perth.  i haven't packed yet.  i suppose i should start.  it's starting to get a bit hectic out there.


  1. A full lot of social functions are certainly coming your way.
    Hope you enjoyed the tacos, they are not bad..

  2. I've been away for a while but I thought that you had retired? Enjoy your busy social life.


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