Thursday, 4 December 2014

a new year's resolution

my new year's resolution in december is to post more. :)  i've been very slack this year, i think it's getting into the groove that is retirement.  i hardly read much anymore either which is most unusual for me.  i have overdue books and worse, unread books.  i go to perth in two weeks and i haven't really thought about packing at all.  i'm trying to travel light with only carry on but have purchased baggage for the return journey.  i'll probably buy some before i go though.  my friend in perth, for whom i'm housesitting, is feeling much better now.  she had a kidney stone removed recently and was in a lot of pain and discomfort as she had a stent inserted.  sounds painful doesn't it?  she's going away with her husband and daughter who has just finished three years at uni studying nursing. this will be the last chance for a while they'll have to travel together.  i'm looking forward to it as my friends Carol and Liz and her husband are joining me over there.


  1. Funny about you not reading for the time being. Expect because your work was partly associated with thing you read, now that no longer aplies. So you are in away from work mode. Just a guess.
    Will be good if you can blog more. I know i am :)

    1. hi M, yes you may have a point there. i'm also not in a proper routine at bed time which doesn't help. hope you are well M take care


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