Monday, 8 September 2014

a reunion dinner

18 months ago the parks library shut it's doors for the last time.  it's supposed to be in the process of being rebuilt but i won't go there.  we have been having a dinner every six months or so to keep in touch.  this time we met at a local cafe and there were more people than usual attend.  it was a great night and the food was really nice too.  bonus.  afterwards i traveled a kilometer or so down the road to the local pub where my son's band was playing.  i didn't stay long as it was super noisy and i was tired.  yesterday i went up to see the kids and we went to gawler for lunch and shopping.
 this pic is totally unrelated to my post.  it's a pic taken in bali at uluwatu recently showing an orca whale swimming near surfers.  it would have been an amazing sight

 cookie's lunch.  mickey mouse pancakes

of course i had lots of snuggles with caiden.  he's growing so fast.  what a little cutie.  he's enjoying his rusk


  1. Sounds like a really good reunion. Cute baby.

  2. Sweet little boy there :)
    Wonderful you have a get together with your once work friends twice a year. I used to that, but after many years it's gone by the wayside.


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