Monday, 11 April 2011

the weirdest thing happened again this morning

i was sound asleep when the tv came on.  that's not the weird bit as it's set to come on each working day. it's my alarm clock.  yes i know.  it's just that alarm clocks annoy me but then so does koshie so maybe i should go back to the alarm clock.  i digress, it's set for 7:30 am.  today it came on at 6:30 am.  i looked at the clock this time before getting up and into the shower.  it did it last week too.  i can't remember exactly but i think it was last monday.  i neglected to look at the clock and got up and showered before coming down for breakfast.  it was only when i turned the laptop on that i saw the time.  6:30 am.  wtf.  anyway, it did it again today.  i checked the settings and it looks fine.  i don't understand.  and .... it came on again at the right time as well.  weird


  1. she lied. the fish tank leaks :(

  2. You have a ghost and the ghost likes to mess with your

    I have a thing about ghosts lately maybe I am just

  3. That is weird!
    Still things could be worse, you could be waking up with Koshie instead of just an hour early!!!
    Mind you I once had a crush on him... but that's a comment for another day ;-)

  4. Jo-Anne, the fortune teller told me i have many entities in my house. i don't believe in ghosts. at least i don't until i see one.

    Matthew, i won't tell anyone about your crush. i once had a crush on prince charles for five minutes one hundred years ago. please don't tell anyone, i'll deny it hahaha


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