Sunday, 10 April 2011

garage sales

one of my fave pastimes is to fossick around at a garage sale or three.  i'm trying not to spend much money but it's not really a happening thang.  i found an aquarium for my tetra, dustin nguyen, today.  $2.00.  bargain.  i haven't tested it yet to see if it's leak proof but the lady told me it's fine.  she wouldn't lie to me would she?  no.  i also got a spare bicycle for the grand kids for when they come over.  we can ride down the river and nana can get some exercise.  that's the plan anyhoo.  $5.00.  it needs a bit of work on the brakes.  sil said he'd look at it for me.  i also got a really cute photo frame for $1.00.  i must take a photo coz it's really nice.  ants got a few bargains too.  he's happy, nana's happy.  it's a win/win  hahahaha.  well kids have gone home, i've eaten, had my coffee and my shower. i'm ready to watch a sunday night movie.  let's hope the week ahead is kind to us all.  ps. i love the window sticker in the pic above.  crazy cat lady.  have you seen them around?  they're the latest thing apparently.  family car stickers.  usually mum, dad and two or three kids.  i prefer this one.  :)


  1. the fish tank leaks. she lied to me. :(

  2. Yeah I have seen those stickers I would love to have them on my car but first I have to get a

    I also love garage sales but rarely get to go as hubby always complains, unless he wants to go and then it's different.


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