Tuesday, 12 April 2011

my tooth

i may have told you that i'm in the process of having a root canal.  about two months ago i was at pondok bali enjoying some indonesian food when a bit of the tooth broke.  went back to dentist, all ok.  not to worry.  well! last night i was starving and was snacking on salsa and rice crackers when i bit on something hard.  omg.  the biggest piece of tooth broke off.  now i have a most uncomfortable crater in my mouth which of course feels massive.  i wonder if the dentist will go ahead and work on it or offer to take it out.  last time he gave me no choice and just went ahead and started the root canal which i thought was very rude.  also, i forget when my next appointment is.  on a more positive note, i found two lost library dvds under the couch last night.  :) 


  1. I only ever go to the dental clinic as I can't afford to see a private dentist and everytime I have been they have just pulled the tooth.

    Well yesterday my hubby went to the dental clinic(although he went to a different branch) and they told him they would do everything to save the tooth and didn't just pull a tooth......wtf

    I hope you get the choice as it is your mouth.

  2. ouch! How disturbing to have your teeth crumbling, I hope you can get all fixed with as little pain as possible. I don't envy you though xoxox

  3. Not nice finding chunks of broken tooth. Hope you find a better dentist to explain and fix better. Amazing what lurks under the couch.

  4. at least it doesn't hurt. tooth is dead. :)

  5. :-( poor you... my last root canal cost me $1300 and that price didn't include the final filling!!... Great news on finding the missing DVDs!!! :-)

  6. Yes I think the bill will be more painful than the dental work! Good luck with it.

    Great couch treasure!


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