Wednesday, 28 January 2009

just a few things

hiya, i haven't blogged for a while so here goes. firstly it's stinking hot here if you haven't heard already. major heat wave. hottest day for 70 years. my mother often mentioned 'the big heatwave of 1939' as i was growing up. it was a stinker. let's hope for a cool change soon. poor kids at school and people without air con. i'm sleeping downstairs which is not as bad as usual coz i got the flip out sofa thingy modified. it has a backrest that when the bed is out flat is a very high bump. very uncomfortable and impossible to sleep on unless you are very short. so it's much better now i got it cut off, i slept really well until 4 am when i woke up and couldn't get back to sleep as usual. plants are not all dead but not looking good. i'm aware that this weather snakes are about (i live in the burbs but next to a park and a cemetery). you must be aware of my lizards as i've blogged about them many times, but i'm always wary of snakes. i'd die if i saw one. shuddering as i type.
i tried to return the perfume to the seller in the us but post office man wouldn't let me send it. dangerous goods. so how did it get sent to me????? i've emailed him again to ask his advice. he's been very friendly and helpful so far. our trainee at work is leaving us after one year so we are giving him a surprise party thingy tomorrow night. the theme is survivor. trainee survivor. he has to do things and get tested, then we vote and well you know. i've never watched the show but they explained it to me. i've just watched food safari, it was american cuisine tonight. burgers, fried chicken, pies etc. looked ok actually. i love that show. oh well, best go. keep cool if it's hot where you are and enjoy the rest of the week. bb


  1. Oh I hope you have cooled off after today's roasting!

    My Outlaws live in the city there and aren't enjoying it one bit.

    Lots of cool water for you and the plants. Think cold thoughts!

  2. Poor thing. I can't believe it is so hot down there while its not too bad here but it is humid.
    Put ice packs on the back of your neck. Drink lots of water. Sad about the plants. Hope it cools down soon.


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