Sunday, 2 October 2016


my son's band performed on the main stage at the ozasia festival today and it was great.  i know i am biased but they really were fantastic.  the crowd loved them and they gave us an encore.  it's the first time i've heard the new lineup of nine, including a trumpet player, and i was really glad i went.  the rain held off until i was on my way home so that was good.  there were so many food stalls and i had a really strong vietnamese iced coffee so sleep may elude me tonight.  lol.  i was lucky enough to come across a stall featuring a japanese calligrapher from melbourne who was wonderful.  the paper he was using was purchased by his father in japan 40 years ago.  that's special.  i had a go and my efforts were awful.  i used to be really good at calligraphy including hebrew and chinese believe it or not. but. as they say, use it or lose it, and i have indeed lost it.

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  1. You must have felt very proud of your son. You are clever to do calligraphy. I tried it years ago but I was a bit ordinary.


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