Saturday, 25 April 2009

unexpected developments

i haven't posted for a week or so as have been flat chat. work is rather hectic atm. well my surprise last night has been postponed because Maz's mother is in hospital. she suffers from dementia, borderline schitzophenia (sp.) and alzheimer's and to top that off she has jaw cancer. she's had a massive op. where they've taken a skin graft from her wrist, a bone craft from her arm and a muscle graft from her thigh to repair her tongue. can you imagine how painful that is? Maz is as you can imagine beside herself with worry and needs some tlc. poor little thing. she can't sleep or eat and her mum can't even talk and she's aggressive towards the staff probably because she doesn't know where the hell she is and is terrified. she'll be in intensive care for at least a week then after three weeks in hosp. she'll be taken to a nursing home. so ... on a happier note the girls from work are going to the stanford plaza today for high tea. of course it's raining coz it's anzac day and my late husband's birthday. always rains on anzac day. my grand daughter is going and there will be three other little girls going too. twelve adults altogether. i'm excited but still haven't decided what to wear. better get upstairs and decide, like now! hahahahaha. hope your weekend is great and you enjoy it.

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