Monday, 4 May 2009


i'm back from my week in cairns. it's was good however, one week is not enough time to see or do much but i gave it my best shot. good trip up and back, flew jet* direct. weather was good, warm, hot some days, nights were mild. there are mountains all around the city which is pretty spectacular, actually the place is very picturesque. heaps of shops and cafes after all it is a tourist town. as a bali tragic from way back i can see many similarities but it's vastly different. i didn't have to change any money or buy a visa or pay an exit visa for that matter. lol. we went to a greek restaurant owned by peter andre's brother who does a mean zorba dance (go figa) and is very friendly. we went to the night markets and had a massage, 40 minutes for $15 and nice asian food. did i mention lots of shopping. i think cairns is quite expensive to visit the locals can get a resident's card which makes it cheaper for them. we went to atherton in the tablelands which was really nice and they had an indonesian restaurant believe it or not, and visited the crystal cave where they have the world's largest amethyst geode. it's truly spectacular. it's called the empress of uruguay. i love cairns but i don't know if i'd want to live there. liyana keeps telling me i should, easy for her to say.

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  1. Sounds like you enjoyed the shopping. I liked Cairns too when we visited a few years ago. Loved all the seafood restaurants but I wouldn't like to live there due to the summer heat, humidity and cyclones.


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