Saturday, 16 May 2009

at last ... my birthday surprise

we went to the elephant walk in melbourne street which is a tiny little cafe with three enclosed cane booths each side of a tiny aisle. it only holds about twenty people tops. the decor is asian/indian and it's got very soft lighting and a lovely cozy atmosphere. there's a queue of people outside every night that they're open as they don't take bookings. i must say i've never noticed it before. i must tell you about my present from Maz. it's a little pot of miracles with 60 pieces of coloured paper inside tied with silver ribbon. on each piece of paper Maz wrote a special word in silver pen. i love it. let's face it i have most things i need/want so this is a unique lovely gift that she put time and effort into making. i love it.


  1. Sounds like a unique present there and I like it good for someone who has everything you need or want.

  2. well of course i generalise here. winning the lottery, a house in bali, a nice new car, steven tyler dipped in choco. sorry, but you know what i mean.


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