Monday, 25 May 2009

a painting

last time i was in bali i went to the kuta art market and bought a small painting. i buy one every trip. well, i don't know why but yesterday i suddenly remembered buying it and i don't have it. did i pack it? no idea. i think it may have been in a magazine to keep it flat and the magazine got recycled. so no painting. unless it's around here somewhere. i can't even remember what it looked like. oh dear, it sucks getting old.


  1. Doesn't that suck I would be rather annoyed with myself if I did something like that.

  2. yes it does suck and i am more than a little annoyed but at the same time it's happened, gone. i'm building a bridge. you got to let go of the small stuff. :) Fran

  3. That is annoying especially if I thought I had thrown it away.....
    Oh well just another excuse to get back to

  4. I do that ALL the time :s I buy a book and then run off to where ever I was supposed to be and a few days later my mind starts ticking...shizz!


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