Friday, 12 June 2009

vista or xp? that is the question

i recently changed from xp to vista and really like vista but computer had a major hissy fit and i couldn't get xp back. most of my hardware wouldn't work. big problems. well, i got xp back on and computer is running beautifully. (cross fingers and toes). lol. but, i really like vista. i might put it back on and if it doesn't run very well i'll change back to xp. i'm going to wallaroo tomorrow to visit my sister. really rotten weather is forecast so i hope i don't get washed or blown away. have a great weekend where ever you are. :)


  1. You are the only person I have heard say they like vista..........

    I have heard a lot of people say that it causes noting but trouble with there computer and should be I don't have it as this computer is 7 years old. So I don't personally know whether it is any good or not.

  2. Forget Vista and XP both are unstable platforms. Change over to Apple Mac and you'll never look back. Perfect performance and NO VIRUSES! But maybe I'm biased, who knows.


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